Rookie Blue Season 4 to Include Time Jump, Tie Up Major Storyline

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The Rookie Blue Season 3 finale left viewers with plenty of questions: How could Andy turn away from Swarek's three beautiful words? Is Chris really leaving? What do we make of Gail and Nick?

For answers to these inquiries and a look ahead to Season 4, TV Line sat down with executive producer Tassie Cameron for an extensive interview, excerpts from which we've posted below. Read on and then give Rookie Blue a grade...

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Why did Andy turn down Sam? She doesn’t know he’s going to come back. So she needs to move on. She needs a fresh challenge. She needs to prove herself and distract herself and get on with it... We tried to build it in a way that she had a really good argument for leaving... Then we tried to build that he has an equally passionate and righteous argument about how things went this season.

How will the show handle Andy and Nick in one place and Chris in another? That storyline is tied up in the first episode. You’re going to feel like you’re back on our show again by Episode 2.

Will there be a time jump? Six months. We’re picking up with [Andy] and Nick in their undercover operation at the moment that it intersects with [Precinct] 15.

Will there be resolution to Chris' cliffhanger? Not in the first episode. He’s going to have finally received an answer from the other police department about whether he can go or not. It’ll be a decision he’s trying to make.

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I agree with Candace. I love this show, but I watch it because of Sam and Andy. I hope they get back together soon after the season starts.


Please bring Sam and Andy back together!!!!!!!!!!


I absolutely love this show. One of the man reason I watch this show is because of Sam and Andy, there perfect for each other they just have to get through some stuff to work things out. They just have to fallow their hearts.


I was devastated when Jerry died, I mean they left Traci all alone.. They were supposed to get married and be together forever. :'(
And I can't believe they broke up Sam and Andy just to have him say at the end that he loves her and then Andy goes on an undercover assignment...
I really hope that in season 4, whenever it starts, they make Sam and Andy get back together otherwise I'll be extremely pissed off.


Just finished watching finale of season 3 Rookie Blue. Late comer to series. Really love it!!! Poor Dov and Traci sort of left up in air. Felt really awful about Andy and Sam's breakup..too little too late. Maybe season 4 will bring them back together. Would love to see Chris happy, but doesn't necessarily mean leaving show..Cant wait for new season--wish season were longer..


I cried when Jerry died total shock!! I really want Andy and Sam to get back together..i hope Chris and Andy don't get together!! to me it seems like that's what the writers are doing though making him her break up buddy, they were partners and now they are going under cover together.. Can't wait for season 4!! Best show!!!


When will Season 4 start.


With Jerry gone things will certainly be different. I really can't wait til the season start back up. Looking forward to more scenes with Gregory Smith hopefully and with Gale too (PECKSTEIN FAN!) I really wanna hear more about the character's pasts like Dov's older brother committing suicide. Maybe a flashback episode would be GREAT. Gotta love a show like Rookie Blue.


My girls (10, 10, & 12) and I love this show. Can't wait for it to come back. I love Sam and Andy together hopefully it works out. I love their spontaneous love. I was very very upset to see Jerry go. I felt so sorry for Traci. I cried my eyes out. I like Gail with Nick because Chris deserves better. :~) Looking forward to season 4


Aww I hope Andy and Sam get back together, I got so excited when he said 'I Love You' to Andy. I cried when Jerry die, he was one of my favorites. I found Gail to suit with Chris, but now that she's with Nick, I'm ok with that too... Traci and Luke would be interesting to see together, but he would never beat Jerry... lol

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