Rookie Blue Season 4 to Include Time Jump, Tie Up Major Storyline

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The Rookie Blue Season 3 finale left viewers with plenty of questions: How could Andy turn away from Swarek's three beautiful words? Is Chris really leaving? What do we make of Gail and Nick?

For answers to these inquiries and a look ahead to Season 4, TV Line sat down with executive producer Tassie Cameron for an extensive interview, excerpts from which we've posted below. Read on and then give Rookie Blue a grade...

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Why did Andy turn down Sam? She doesn’t know he’s going to come back. So she needs to move on. She needs a fresh challenge. She needs to prove herself and distract herself and get on with it... We tried to build it in a way that she had a really good argument for leaving... Then we tried to build that he has an equally passionate and righteous argument about how things went this season.

How will the show handle Andy and Nick in one place and Chris in another? That storyline is tied up in the first episode. You’re going to feel like you’re back on our show again by Episode 2.

Will there be a time jump? Six months. We’re picking up with [Andy] and Nick in their undercover operation at the moment that it intersects with [Precinct] 15.

Will there be resolution to Chris' cliffhanger? Not in the first episode. He’s going to have finally received an answer from the other police department about whether he can go or not. It’ll be a decision he’s trying to make.

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Sam and andy must stay together thats the only reason i watch the series! Why did u kill jerry that sucks!!!!


I too, love this show. I live in Sydney Australia, get it on our paid tv channel, Foxtel. I am missing watching it and have bought both seasons 1 and 2 to keep withdrawals away. Andy and Sam make a great couple, Andy and Luke, well he is toooo cold a guy. On her return she could go by the Penny and he ask her what kept you! just take it from there and not prolong the inevitable. He ask her can i take you home and she say YES. Too easy.
When you know you want someone, why play games.


Ok I really love this show....I couldn't care less about Sam and Andy. Guys foolish I'm just sad that that dude, Nick, is leaving Gail....for once I think she needs to be happy. She's written into the script as this huge bitch when she is really such a sweet girl...she needs to have some more important things happen to her. I was so glad when she had that whole kidnapping ep. I was like finally Gail has good story. PLEASEEEE DON'T LET HER HOOK UP WITH SAM!!!


Rookie Blue is the best show. I have watched it since it began. The Andy and Sam relationship sizzles - please reunite them in Season 4. Why is this show only on in the summer?? If brought on during the regular season, more people would have a chance to watch and this could become one of the highest ranked shows since everyone would join in!


Andy and Sam - please put them back together , it's the only reason I watch the series. They belong together.


Urgh! I feel the same way as most! I was heartbroken when they killed off Jerry :( it's nice to see a couple on tv prosper instead of the usual soap operaesque story lines most writers result to. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Sam & Andy will be together, if not right away, then by latest end of season (although right away would be preferable!)


First you kill Jerry which was so not cool, now you are breaking up Andy and Sam?! Fix it in season 4 or we switch to another series!


Judging by all the Comments, 99% of viewers feel Andy and Sam should remain together. To the writers, here was an ideal opportunity to show how they worked thru tough times and came out the other side - instead of always running away. Thats why young people do not perservere. Your opportunity to show different. Would also like to see them marry. They have a chemistry that is undescribable. I was totally sick after the finale. Common get them back together.




I Love Rookie Blue, but Sam and Andy keeps me watching. They are a couple made in heaven. They belong to one another, they are good for one another. They must fight for their relationship and make it work. If they dont get back together, I think I will cease watching. Luke if you even try to re-kindle that relationship I will switch to another programme. Please, Please let true love reign in Episode 4. Please let Sam and Andy find one another again. I get Andy is hurt, Sam must fix this. Please, begging on my knees.

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Please don't make me shoot you, this is my first day.

Andy McNally

You've already left me twice and if you ever get shot and die I'll never forgive you.