Sons of Anarchy Fallout: Kurt Sutter on Major Death, Effect on Jax

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Sons of Anarchy lost one of its own last night, as Opie took a permanent one for the team when he volunteered to have his brains beaten in by The Niners in order to even up their feud with SAMCRO

Why did the FX thriller go down this dramatic path? What effect will it have on Jax?

I just got off the phone with Kurt Sutter, who offered the following explanation for this storyline and teased how its fallout will play out in Charming...

Opie in Jail

Why did Opie make this fateful decision?

"We had done so much damage to Opie and his family over the course of a few seasons," Sutter said. "And I couldn't wrap my brain around bringing him back to the table at the end of last season… and there is a sense of him having this tremendous loss. So he's thinking: 'Here's an opportunity for me to go out doing the right thing, this is how I can be of best service to my club and even to my family.'

"I wanted Opie to go out a warrior, with nobility and a sense of protecting the people [he still loves]."

How will Jax react to the loss of his best friend? That's the crux of the death, Sutter says. The show is the President's journey, after all.

"Jax needed that emotional upheaval, that one event that happens in a man's life, that can change the course of his destiny… he will be greatly influenced by the death of Opie and that loss, that emptiness will color him for the rest of the season."

Viewers can also look forward to a "new dynamic between Tig and Jax and the Pope of it all," following Jax's maneuvering to free Tig from jail.

"The betrayal [between Tig and Clay] is real. An interesting shift will take place that parallels what happened in Season 2 when Opie moved closer to Clay as a result of his riff with Jax," Sutter teased.

Finally, what does the creator have to say to fans who are still coming to terms with the loss of this favorite?

"I don't do things arbitrarily or just for shock value… yes, it's incredibly sad, but the death of Opie will color the rest of the series. It's not a death that will happen in vain...

"Of course there’ll be a sense of vengeance, something that drives our guys to retaliate, but also the emotional impact that his death will have on the rest of the characters will always be there.”

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Best show on tv and I'm in the bizz a propman this show just gets better and better hats offto everybody Opie is my favorite actor on the show from the start my wife's to but it makes the show even better is it Tuesday yet? There's nothing better then a good old ass woopen in charming.


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Will Kurt ever address the way Juice ratted on the MC last season? It seem s that he sohould have died instead of Opie


well it looks as if Opie went out for his club and especially his best friend jax. I took this as a way for him to show his love for Jax after all he was not supose to go to prison anyway. he went there to protect jax and to be by his side. Opie was going through a lot anyway with the lost of his father and family he was on his way to a major break down. way to go Opie RIP.


Uh... So he says that opie did the right thing for his club and family... Uh, he has KIDS and left them with a porn star!!!! Hello, wake up this death was stupid and horrible and selfish!!!


It was a heartbreaking episode! RIP Opie! However, I was very glad to read Kurt's explanation and now that the intial shock is over I understand what he is talking about. Awesome Show...Ryan Hurst you will be missed!!


man i dont believe this!!! opie? killed off.i will have trouble wathing the rest of the series.opie was one of the stong actors.i feel this is the downward spiral of the show,happing before our very eyes.
i dont want it to but,there are alot my friends that ee it that way.


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brilliant, gutsy writing kurt!! it was heartbreaking to lose opie but that kind of thing is what makes this show stand out - it's fearless and doesn't do what's popular. totally made a fan of me all over again.

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