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The Voice returned with a trio of battles on Monday night. With only a few spots remaining on each of the four teams, it seems like the Battle Rounds are finally almost over.  And thank God, because it's been a bit too long at this point.

Something that was even more frustrating during the hour was Xtina's canned response for why she doesn’t steal a contestant. Her statement about putting together a team that will mesh together throughout the competition is the biggest heap of garbage I've ever heard. They don't need to sing well together, or even practice together! They need to perform well on the stage by themselves! Either steal someone you think is good, or admit that you didn't like them enough. These explanations are unbearable.

The performers on Monday night were not. There is definitely loads of talent on this season, so let's take a look at how some of them did...

Nicole Nelson vs. Brandon Mahone

Team Cee Lo - Alexis Marceaux vs. Daniel Rosa - "Whataya Want From Me"

The Battle: The coaches kept mentioning how Alexis was classically trained, and that Daniel was allowing his nerves to get the best of him during practice. I don't think the classical training was a hindrance for Alexis at all, as the coaches mentioned it might be. Her command over the song was extremely evident, and it sucked me in immediately. I felt that Daniel, on the other hand, was hurt by his nerves a bit. He didn't look all that comfortable on stage, and it put a damper on his performance.
My Choice: Alexis
Cee Lo's Choice: Daniel
Battle Grade: B+

Team Adam - Brandon Mahone vs. Nicole Nelson - "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

The Battle: This battled was billed as experienced talent against new talent, but I saw it more as old school vs. new school. Brandon seems much more likely to fit in today's music scene. During the performance Nicole really took Adam's lesson of "less is more" to heart, because I didn't think she did much of anything up there. It's obvious she has a great voice, but there doesn't seem to be nearly as much to do with it. Brandon's, as was evident here, can do any number of things. The range he went through on that track was incredible.
My Choice: Brandon
Adam's Choice: Nicole
Battle Grade: A-

Team Adam - Loren Allred defeated Brian Scartocci
Team Blake - Cassadee Pope defeated Ryan Jirovec
Team Adam - Joe Kirkland defeated Samuel Mouton

Team Xtina - Devyn Deldera vs. Marissaann - "Free Your Mind"

The Battle: Apparently Marissaann is 15 years old. If you had told me she was mid-20s, I would have believed you. The power, and the sassiness she brought to the stage within the first minute only affirmed my opinion that she doesn't seem like a teenager. Devyn's voice was fine, but it definitely lacked the pop that Marissaann's gave off in this serious rock tune.
My Choice: Marissaann
Xtina's Choice: Devyn
Battle Grade: B
Steal: "I like Marissaann," Blake Shelton said. Way to go Mr. Shelton. Great decision.


Which of Monday's three battles was your favorite? Which contestant did you enjoy the most? Did the coaches make the correct decisions, or did you agree with my choices?  


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I am still annoyed we are missing battles. Fast forwarding past commercials and stuff, we totally missed the 3 - not showing the battles, so the recap at the end, my wife and I were like, Adam chose who? when did they perform?


The live rounds are still a few weeks away. First we have to go through the knockout rounds when the coaches cut their teams from 10 to 5.
Christina could well have a plan for her team for this phase as the coaches will decide who goes up against whom, as well as who stays.


Terrie - I was just about to write the same thing! There is another battle round tomorrow night.
That being said this proves Jessica's comment that the reviewer should perhaps pay more attention to the show than nit-picking about Christina. Also having a team that will mesh together makes sense. Comparison between the contestants within a cohesive team would be more objective. There would be no argument that song choice was wrong since all the team members prefer similar genre. Also, you don't know what the future holds, I wouldn't be surprised if there would be team battles. Jessica - Did you mean Blake instead of Cee Lo? Because I believe Cee Lo was already out of steals. Regardless, I agree with you.


LOL..........Ya'll must have missed it......Live shows start next week.....tomorrow night is last night of battle rounds.......... As for Christina, well, she is a diva......what else can you say?


Wow, a lot of Christina love here tonight


It seems like at this point the reviewer is working harder on finding some negative comments about Christina than writing a decent review.
Clearly Christina didn't want to say anything bad about eliminated contestant because The Voice is all about judges being nice to the contestants unlike other competition shows. Plus, editing didn't show Cee Lo's comments, I wonder if you would have written the same thing if it was Cee Lo who made those comments and not Christina.
So, why don't you simply admit that you don't like Christina and anything she does at this point will bother you.


I'm waiting for Kate to come here and give you a piece of her mind after your ridiculous comments about Christina.

Sp mckenna

Totally agree about Christina's comments about not picking people. It was the same during the Blind Auditions. Not "meshing" with her team is a ridiculous reason. Glad the battles are almost over and Carson can stop making it awkward by constantly reminding the coaches that they can steal a singer. I almost feel like we have too many singers to pick from and some of them I can barely remember from their first song. I'm ready for us to get into the live shows. Nice work, Dan!

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