The Voice Review: The Battle Zone

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The Voice was in full theft mode Tuesday night, as the new "steal" option was utilized once again by the coaches.

With an hour of airtime, we only got to witness three battles. I'm not complaining that we missed Celica vs. Lisa and Rudy vs. Charlie, because they probably weren't all that interesting, but maybe a little less practice time and they could afford to show ALL the battles!

Let's see who won and who lost this time around in the Battle Rounds...

Aquile and Nathalie Hernandez Battle

Team Cee Lo - Cody Belew vs. Domo - "Telephone"

The Battle: It's difficult not to want Domo to fail due to the fact that there seems to be no limit to her arrogance. She definitely didn't fail nearly as much as she did in the blind auditions, but it was obvious once again that she just doesn't have the vocal chops to be interesting in this competition. Her performance wasn't enough to compete with Cody's voice, even if this song was way out of his comfort zone.
My Choice: Cody
Cee Lo's Choice: Domo Cody, wow I literally typed Domo while Cee Lo was speaking because I thought she was a lock.
Battle Grade: C+

Team Xtina - Aquile vs. Nathalie Hernandez - "You Give Me Something"

The Battle: From the practices it seems like an interesting battle between smooth tone and gritty rasp. Aquile had the experience on the young 15 year old, but Nathalie was determined to come out victorious. There are some performances in this round that are epic battles, and then there are those like this one, that are just fantastic duets. They sounded great together, but Aquile sounded too perfect not to keep in this competition.
My Choice: Aquile
Xtina's Choice: Aquile
Battle Grade: A-

Team Xtina - Celica Westbrook defeated Lisa Scinta

Team Blake - Rudy Parris defeated Charlie Rey

Team Adam - Caitlin Michele vs. Melanie Martinez - "Lights"

The Battle: These battle practices continue to intrigue me as the two contestants size each other up, like when Caitlin was a bit in awe of Melanie's voice. If Monday night's finale was a battle of power and tone, Tuesday's was a showcase of artistry and quirkiness. Both of them wowed me with their ability to just be different, but I think Caitlin has much more range in what she would be able to do in this competition.
My Choice: Caitlin
Adam's Choice: Melanie
Battle Grade: A-
Steal: Blake and Cee Lo both go for it, and Caitlin chooses Cee Lo even though he didn't originally turn around for her at the auditions.


Which of tonight's three battles was your favorite? Did the coaches make the right choices? And who would you have stolen if you were sitting in a giant red swivel chair?


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I knew who Cee-Lo had picked as soon as he started talking and they showed Domo and Cody's faces, with him looking down and her getting that "I so have this" smile on her face.
Do something to earn that attitude before you spring it on people. Her complete lack of respect for anyone who went before her was ridiculous, including Cee-Lo and Rob Thomas.


Great performances tonight. Melanie, Aquile and Caitlin were my favorites, although I have mixed feelings about Melanie. It's hard not to like Cody, even though he clearly can't dance! Domo has a surprising good voice, but her other ridiculous antics detract from it. I actually didn't mind Cee-Lo's song choice. The performance was anything but boring and it definitely emphasized that Cody was the better contestant. Domo was completely in her element and still wasn't great. Cody was completely out of his element, but was good-natured about it and never backed down from the challenge.


Being over confident isn't a trait most people like....that's why Domo didn't move forward....She should have left her dance moves out of it. She was definitely more concerned about that..this isn't a dance competition....and yes it was a TERRIBLE song choice on CeeLo's part..... I understood what Blake was saying just fine and no it wasn't that he just understands country....He did turn around for one of those girls in the blind auditions.....


Was really hoping Domo wouldn't advance after she claimed that her voice is as good as Mariah and Aretha. Are you freaking kidding me? Also, sucks for people that don't get their auditions or battle rounds televised. If they want to create more drama, how about not showing us that there will be steals ahead of time. A battle is much less interesting when we already know both singers will advance.


I was disappointed in CeeLo tonight. He said he was disappointed with Cody and DOMO's vocal performance but what did he expect? That was a terrible song choice to show off anyone's voice! Both of them chose similarly for their blind auditions - songs that didn't show their range. I'm still not sure if either of them have vocal chops or not. I'd like to see Cody sing something really great in the live rounds.


What was up with Blake tonight? He sort of made fun of Caitlin's performance (and that of Melanie) by saying some weird stuff about indie genre. I didn't even understand what he was trying to say, and on top of that he kept saying that he only understood country. I mean isn't that worst pitch you can ever make, and not just for the current season but also for future seasons. Why would any singer want to work with him (unless they are doing country)?
Obviously, I can't tell how much any of these coaches are doing for their team members, but it seems like at this point only Adam and Xtina have something to offer or want to offer something (see Cee Lo and his lack of motivation)

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