The Walking Dead Premiere Ratings: Record-Shattering!

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It's official: the cable universe belongs to The Walking Dead. All other programs are merely living in it.

The drama's Season 3 premiere was viewed last night by 10.9 million households, a ridiculous 50 percent increase from last year's opener and the highest-rated dramatic episode in basic cable history.

Prison Action

“Thank you to the fans for making The Walking Dead such a tremendous success. We are honored and humbled that television’s largest adult audience resides on AMC.  So many people on both sides of the camera worked tirelessly on this project, and I thank and congratulate each of them for their amazing contribution,” said Charlie Collier, president of AMC, in a statement.

Including encores at 10 p.m. and midnight, the premiere brought in 15.2 million viewers. It also garnered 7.2 million viewers among 18-49-year olds. That's simply astounding.

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It really does deserve a seasons 4 and 5, 16 episode pick-up with ratings like this.


is there any other good sites,to see the new episode,,i got stupid dish network i hae them for taking off A&E not only for the walking dead wich i love but duck dynasty 2,,so if anyone can help me that would b great,,thanks


If anyone needs a good site to see The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 1 "Seed, I found one... The Walking Dead Premiere "See" Episode Here >>> Thewalkingdeadseason3-tvnatics... Episode Here >>> Thewalkingdeadseason3-tvnatics... Episode Here >>> Thewalkingdeadseason3-tvnatics... It's the best


I honestly don't know why I watch Walking Dead. It is a good show, thriller is just not my thing. But my, I cannot stop watching this show! Seriously!! It's so good that I told myself to suck it up and watch the whole hour! I never say this but after the pilot for this season, I cannot wait for next week's episode!


Not Surprise.. The Walking Dead is the Best show on TV!!!


Yes ..... DISH NETWORK blows chunks,Hail DirecTV lol


Considering nobody on Dish Network got to watch, imagine the results if we had been able to participate. Blast you to hell Dish Network!


God damn!!! I will watch this show

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