The X Factor Review: Who Advanced?

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It was a wild and crazy night on FOX, as a combination of Major League Baseball, the Ben and Kate pilot, five minutes of a Mindy Project episode and just over half of what was supposed to be a two-hour episode of The X Factor aired before the nightly news took over.

Although it may have been frustrating to fight through some of the other material for us X Factor fans, the results we did get to see were pretty entertaining. The teens in particular were fun to watch make it through and/or head home.

Willie Jones and Demi

It's much easier to enjoy watching a kid's dreams get crushed than one of the old geezers because we know that these kids have their whole lives ahead of them and they might get another chance at this. Heck, Arin Ray has had two opportunities on The X Factor in two straight years.

Beatrice Miller was my personal favorite to watch. Last week she was talking about her nerves and how shocked she was that not everyone felt like throwing up. This time she just dramatized everything that was happening to the point that she could have been playing a Summer Roberts-esque character on a TV drama.

The results were cut short, but let's take a look at who made it through and who was let go at the judges' houses on Wednesday night...


Diamond White - Made It
Carly Rose Sonenclar - Made It
Arin Ray - Made It
James Tanner - He Gone
Beatrice Miller - Made It
Reed Deming - He Gone

Old Geezers

David Correy - Made It
Daryl Black - He Gone
Jason Brock - Made It
Tate Stevens - Made It
Tara Simon - She Gone
Vino Alan - Made It

Young Adults

Jennel Garcia - Made It
Willie Jones - Made It


We will have to wait on the results of the rest of the young adults and the groups. For now, I will say that the most surprising contestant who made it through for me was Tate Stevens, and the most surprising exit was Tara Simon.

What did you all think? Were you surprised by any of the decisions made by the judges? And did you fall in love with any of the contestants that were lucky enough to make it to the live shows?


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Sunday Results night was a real blow I think that Kye should not have been in the bottom two in the first place!I think that Ryland should have gone home in the first or second week also when he was against a brilliant singer and she went home!EVERYONE ELSE in the competion did fantastic and next week I hope that he goes home.And I hope that the two people that have been sent home instead of him get another chance in future!
Hope you agree Please email me back


i love diamond white but i feel like she doesn't have such a great voice because u can hear when she sings that she's using all her effort to belt it. its not something i enjoy listening to. its not effortless for her like it is to carly rose sonenclar


I believe(in my opinion) there are those commenting here that appear to give the judges (Demi) all the credit for decisions. The judges are employees and this is a TV Show and the bosses would be the executive producers...they make the decisions...the judges can have an opinion or perhaps some influence...but make no mistake about it...the producers felt that CeCe and Paige of whom are both talented would be for better TV. PS: I also liked Jillian, she didn't make the show, but if she is as talented as she appears...she will find her way.


I say again Cece won't make it unless she gets her arrogance in check and she's SO arrogant I just don't think she'll heed Demi's advice. While both Cece and Paige can sing, if Cece can't overcome her arrogance and Paige can't overcome her nerves neither will get far. As far as Cece..Look at what happened to the punk kid Astro last season......


Sorry but no, Jillian is not better that Cece or Paige. When I saw that the three of them were left, Cece and Paige win hands down, regardless of the stupid rivalry the producers are obsessed with.


love Emblem3, Jennel and Carly :)


I do think that demi is an idiot for getting rid of jillian and keeping cece I didn't like cece in her first audition and I still don't like her I hope she get cut fast I'm glad that carly,dimond,willie,and jennel made it.


Meg and Veroliene thanks for ruining it for those of us that haven't seen it! Of course Cece and Paige made it......the producers want the drama of the rivalry between those two.....Cece won't make it unless she gets her arrogance in check......even Demi called her on that last week. It's supposed to air in it's entirety Tuesday night at 7CT ..........


The episode was also broadcasted on CTV in Canada and we got a bit more info. Cece and Paige made it for Young Adults. We also saw 2 out of the possible 4 for Simon's groups and they were Lyric145 and Emblem3 :)

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