TV Ratings Report: Nikita Premiere Plummets

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Despite strong reviews and a loyal fan base the Nikita Season 3 premiere plummeted in the ratings last night, falling to a series low .4 in the 18-49-year old demographic and failing to garner one million total viewers...

Nikita Photograph

8 p.m.
Shark Tank: 7 million viewers
Hawaii Five-0 rerun: 5.9 million
Grimm rerun: 2.6 million
America's Next Top Model: 1.5 million

9 p.m.
CSI: New York: 9.1 million
Primetime: What Would You Do?: 4.9 million
Grimm: 4.9 million
Nikita: 951,000

10 p.m.
Blue Bloods: 10 million
20/20: 5.4 million
Dateline: 5 million

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TVBTN has last seasons premiere at 0.6 and finale at 0.4. So 0.3 in a new time slot not that surprising. @Kellix I believe Nikita averaged about the same in the demo's with GG last season. Which is not bad for a show that was on Friday. Although it did have help with Supernatural fandom. Although the answer to your question is syndication (money).


Nikita has be dead since last season! I don't know why the CW gave it a third season renewal?!...


Nikita suffered because it didn't have a proper lead in. No one who watches ANTM will stick around for Nikita. I think that the CW needs to find a show that would be better suited for nikita.


I was a fan of The Secret Circle,but im way more happy that Nikita is around.Goodbye chance harbor


They were dumb to cancel secret circle and not Nikita last season!


Idol is an issue for TVD. TBBT is not even competition as it a comedy, which btw that a tvd issue as both those two shows air against them. 9pm slot based on how one performs against Grey's, which is stupid on CW part because until Grey's goes off the air nothing will work in that slot. TVD still has the easiest time slot on the network. I blame CW as they don't put much effort into marketing any of the other shows other than tvd (which may change now that Arrow is now the top rated series currently and TVD actually went down bit more than I expected from the premiere considering their premiere aired against a debate, I expected it go up slightly).


TVBTN has it at .3 in 18-49. It might get adjusted up in the finals on Monday though.


People, Nikita will not be moved off Fri, it's doing too poorly ratings wise and was moved there for underperforming after VD on Thurs.Also, you guys really want it to get creamed by Idol,Xfactor,Greys,Big Bang,ect on thurs or Idol, Xfactor, Csi,Crimminal Minds.Modern Family ect on Wed.?
Whateva, affiliates own 10pm on and before 8-10pm so they can't ,nor can they afford to program that many hours.


Supernatural moving to wednesday had a major impact on Nikita. Hopefully it does better next week. I dont want it to end!!!


I am a huge fan of nikita. I'm obsessed with it and a fanatic. Without nikita I don't know how I would be in this life. But I couldn't watch nikita because cable vision customers doesn't have cw11. Someone must fix it. That's why nikita got low ratings. Their fans are still very loyal.