Coming to Arrow: Vertigo!

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ARROW SPOILER ALERT: The smash CW drama has reportedly revealed its main first season villain.

According to TV Line sources, the series will soon introduce viewers to Vertigo, a character comic book characters know well and someone whose most dangerous ability is to disorient and unbalance his victims.

Arrow in the Shadows

However, the site's insider - who describe the big bad as "scary and nightmarish" - will be very different than the version established in the original story of Green Arrow. He may even have a new name.

Who will come on board as Vertigo? That much is unknown... or is it?

No matter who takes on the character, he will debut in early 2013.

UPDATE: Seth Gabel has been cast in this role.

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As much as I am enjoying Oliver's quest to get revenge on individual people, I would like to see someone stopping him in his tracks and for there to be a recurring enemy. Because let's face it; if Oliver were to wipe out everyone on his list by the season end, people would probably not be happy seeing as the 'revenge' plot right now is keeping people happy and sticking around.


They are really dumping the characters on us, this season. I wonder what the purpose is, if they are only visiting for one episode, though? Is that Arrow's 'story of the week' method? Sounds like this one may stick around for a few episodes, though--let's hope so. We need another over-arching story besides someone fiddling with the books.

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