Dancing With the Stars Finale Results: Who Won the Crown?

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The fall season of Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars came down to Monday night, with Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, former Bachelor winner Melissa Rycroft and soap opera star Kelly Monaco seeking the title.

Based on Monday's scores, and the previous weeks in which she'd been nearly flawless, Melissa held a narrow edge, but all three were consistently strong; Shawn and Kelly won their previous seasons, after all.

It's also DWTS, a show that's always too close to call. After one final performance and tens of millions of votes, the final Dancing With the Stars results show of 2012 is in the books. Your winner is ...

DWTS All-Stars Finals

Melissa Rycroft and her partner Tony Dovolani!

The judges’ scores were close in the end, with each of the three remaining couples doing one last instant dance, and Melissa ending the two-night finale with 88.5 points to Kelly's 87.5 and Shawn's 87.

In other words, America's votes were going to break this logjam one way or the other.

After the competitors received their dance-style instructions less than an hour before hitting the floor Tuesday, the field was soon pared down to two. Monaco was eliminated, leaving Johnson and Rycroft.

In the end, it was Melissa who brought home the title in a tight race. The Season 8 finalist won her first title and also the first for Dovolani, who labored through 14 seasons without previously winning it.

“Magnificent” Melissa, the injury-prone former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader with girl-next-door approachability, won on merit and won over America, ousting too very talented and popular stars in their own right.

What do you think? Did the right woman win?

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I'm incredibly happy that Tony and Melissa won: very happy for Tony especially. Each time I watched Shawn, I just couldn't warm up to the entire picture she presented on the dance floor. She's a super talented gymnast and an all around great person, but to my eyes: she didn't do ballroom dancing as much as she did gymastics with dance steps thrown in. Call me old-fashioned, but I want to see ballroom dancers actually DANCE.


Screw DWTS !!! My main girl Edyta slwinska is'nt on anymore :( and neither is Lacey Schwimmer....boooooooo


Shawn & Derek may have been more entertaining, BUT as the Judges pointed out, in the Ballroom round they broke the rules, so their score HAD TO be reduced. Given the arcane algorithms of DWTS scoring, I think those points that they were penalized made the difference. That's all, folks...


While I was pulling for Kelly Monaco to win as she was underdog who had to learn new dances while Shawn and Melissa did not and the fact Kelly needed this redemption considering she got called out on her win. I am happy Melissa won over Shawn as someone pointed out the judges allow Shawn and Derek to get away with doing gymnastics as oppose to dancing and let them deter from dance styles like the samba but when others did would underscore them (i.e. Val). Carrie Ann proved she was bias and I have to say the scoring this season was weird.


I meant done not don't


Melissa was consistently scoring on top. I'd say she's a better dancer… Shawn was great too but only really did gymnastics in her routines. Melissa was great at every style of dance. And she may have started on the bachelor, but she's since don't correspondence for GMA and ET. That makes her qualified right there as other entertainment or news anchors have done the show. Plus she was a cheerleader for the Cowboys before… you could go off of that alone. It's a type of athlete. Plus she didn't constantly break the rules like Shawn and Derek. Of course their performances can sometimes be more entertaining if they're too arrogant to follow any rules.


The best dancer sure didn't win.....Melissa over Shawn??? You gotta be kiddin' me.


Hands down Shawn WON !!!!!! No Contest/ I wont to see the votes.


DWTS lost a fan last night! It's unbelievable that the All Star Season was won by the only non-star of the bunch. Melissa should have never been included in this cast. After all, what makes her a "star"? Being dumped by a bachelor?