The Voice Results: Down to 12

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So... did your favorite make the cut?

The Voice chopped down its field to a dozen contestants tonight, as every team lost a pair. Let's get right to it, shall we?

Maroon 5 on Stage

Safe (via fan voting): Amanda Brown, Bryan Keith
Who Adam Saved? Between Loren Allred, Joselyn Rivera and Melanie Martinez, Adam went with Martinez because she's "unique."

Safe (via fan voting): Terry McDermott, Cassadee Pope
Who Blake Saved? Michaela Paige.

Safe (via fan voting): Dez Duron, Sylvia Yacoub
Who Christina Saved? Adriana Louise, so she could showcase her true talents.

Safe (via fan voting): Trevin Hunte, Nicholas David
Who Cee Lo Saved? Cody Belew because he was deemed the "Most Improved."

And there you have it, TV Fanatics. Which choice did you disagree with the most? Who are you happiest to see move on? Sound. Off. Now!

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Is anyone else interested in watching this show after cutting Deborah? i can not hear, see any significant difference in any of Christina's gang.
Nicholas David is the only unique talent left.
A bunch of cookie cutter pop sell outs running the show.
It is a shame anyway we are constantly at war with our talents that are not comparable. Apples and oranges.


really liked Mc Kenzie and Deborah.


Adam, Blake and Cee Lo made the right choices tonight, although two of my favorites, De'borah and Mackenzie, didn't make it through. I can understand Cee Lo's decision, because he had a very strong team, but De'borah was the best person left on Xtina's team. After watching her get rid of Jesse last season, Aquile last week and now De'borah, makes me really happy that she won't be around next season. The Maroon 5 performance and the group performance of "Drive By" were highlights of the night.


Agreed with all of the picks by America and the coaches for Adam, Blake and Cee-Lo's team. On, Christina's team though, Dez skated by on the teenage girl vote and then Christina let go of her best singer - De'borah. It wasn't as much of a travesty as last season when she let go of Jesse, but I'd be wary of picking her as a coach if I was a contestant on the show.


AH! All but ONE of my favorites got through, and the one that didn't get through was my all time favorite: Mackenzie! I am really going to miss him... :( But still excited for all my other favorites. So since I can't say Mackenzie for the win anymore, go Bryan Keith!


Liked Maroon 5's performance....... really wasn't any huge surprises tonight........