The Voice Top 10 Review: Cassadee-lightful

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There may have been a couple of missteps, but overall Monday night's The Voice proved to be one of its best episodes ever.

The Top 10 contestants performed for America's vote, and each and every one of them came out swinging for the fences. Who did enough to make it through to the next round? And who will be going home Tuesday night?

Let's recap the night...

Amanda Brown Top 10

Sylvia Yacoub - Team Xtina - "Girl on Fire"
Christina was definitely right about Sylvia's difficulty holding those "fire" notes. It started out great with the tender moments at the piano, but beginning with the missed moment when she stood up and belted it out, the rest of it didn't live up to the opening.
Grade: C

Terry McDermott - Team Blake - "Summer of '69"
Once again there weren't any issues vocally, but this guy could really use a theme night. He does rock anthems week after week, and he doesn't do anything interesting with them. If you give this guy a Motown song, or a country song, maybe it forces him to do something intriguing. For now, I'm just bored even though he's certainly talented.
Grade: B-

Melanie Martinez - Team Adam - "Seven Nation Army"
She doesn't have the most powerful voice, but because her normal sound is so soft, when she does go for it vocally it pays off even more so than others. Her big moments in this performance seemed better than they probably would have been for others, because her normal voice is so quiet and cool.
Grade: B

Cody Belew - Team Cee Lo - "Crazy In Love"
I have no idea what just happened.  Cee Lo has ruined Cody for two weeks now. If Cody wasn't walking around on stage not singing, he was whispering through lyrics or just randomly screaming. He has a lot of talent, which we saw a few weeks ago, but none of that came through in this performance.
Grade: F

Bryan Keith - Team Adam - "New York State of Mind"
Time and time again, Bryan gives off a really polished vibe in his performances. He seems like he's already a professional, and when you add that to undeniably good vocals, Bryan continues to impress. His attitude only adds to his likeability.
Grade: B+

Amanda Brown - Team Adam - "Stars"
Now that is the Amanda Brown we remember from two weeks ago! Her voice is immaculate, and the emotion was certainly there. Some of those notes that she hit were crazy, and the little break in her voice is so stunning. Like Blake and Xtina, I didn't know this song, and I can't imagine it being any better than that.
Grade: A

Nicholas David - Team Cee Lo - "Lean On Me"
That may have been one of the most obvious song choices yet, but it was also a perfect choice for Nicholas David. This guy is just easy to listen to. His tone and his phrasing are just fantastic. At moments he sounded very much like Aaron Neville, which is a very difficult thing to do, and I could listen to it all night long.
Grade: A-

Trevin Hunte - Team Cee Lo - "Scream"
You can get away from doing the beautiful ballad without singing the club hit that gives you no opportunity to showcase your voice. Like Cody, Trevin wasn't able to do much with his track. Fortunately for the 18-year-old, he had a couple of moments where is great tone was able to shine through. They were few and far between, so it still resulted in his worst performance yet.
Grade: C

Cassadee Pope Top 10

Cassadee Pope - Team Blake - "Over You"
I'm as big of a Miranda Lambert fan as you'll find, and that song in particular is one of my favorites. Cassadee Pope absolutely did it justice with that performance.  She was fantastic. It was different from anything she's done to this point, and yet it also felt so very much like a Cassadee Pope song. She made just the right amount of changes to keep the song great, and make it her own. The emotion was pouring out, and the only issue I could take with the whole thing was the fact that they kept showing Blake with his face in his hand. It was tough to take anything seriously with that on screen.
Grade: A

Dez Duron - Team Xtina - "Feeling Good"
Has Dez just become much better over this competition? I don't remember him being this good in his audition. He was a good looking guy with a decent voice.  Here he sounded fantastic, and looked like a complete performer doing it.
Grade: B

Weekly Rankings
1. Amanda Brown
2. Cassadee Pope
3. Nicholas David
4. Bryan Keith
5. Melanie Martinez
6. Dez Duron
7. Terry McDermott
8. Trevin Hunte
9. Sylvia Yacoub
10. Cody Belew

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ok. am i the only one who doesn't like nicholas that much? i mean he has a nice voice, but his performances all sound the same to me. plus,he's just not as good as the other contestants. and what's with you people trashing on Bam Bam Belew? sure this wasn't his best performance,but it was really entertaining & i think he could win the whole thing. PS i thought blake sang christina's song better than she did PPS did any one else think adam looked especially sexy this episode? O dear lord he looked fine!!


TiffanyO you're an idiot. apparently you can't read or interpret anything the reviewer was saying. he knows it's an emotional song for blake, as carson repeated a million times. the reviewer was stating that for half of the performance, the camera was showing blake, and not cassadee. one quick shot of blake would have been great, but to hold it on him is unnecessary. we all know his connection, but we should be watching the contestant. it was unfair to her and the viewer. that's more theatrics than Idol has ever used.


I'm starting to wonder if the reviewer actually watched the show. Another commenter below pointed out that the review gripes about Blake holding his head in his hand. It was because he was enraptured by what he was hearing, and taking it in. He was on the verge of tears - he and Miranda wrote that song about his brother dying, which was discussed ON THE B REEL. AND in his commentary. Even Christina commented on how choked up he was. Did you think he was taking a nap? Have you been watching these on mute? Or do you really wish they were just cattier like Idol, so there would be more drama (as mentioned in the results show review). Those of us who don't bother with the fake crap and just appreciate the talent of this enjoy the fact that they're treated admirably.


I don't know what you guys were thinking with trashing Cody's performance. Yes, the beginning didn't highlight his vocal prowess (remember Joleen? we do, he can afford to have fun), but then he busted out some great notes and brought it home. Ballad after ballad gets boring. Or anything after anything does. That performance was a blast and it showed his #1 asset - his personality. And frankly, that's marketable - a lot of the other people might not be that marketable despite unarguably higher talent. And I am not easily wooed by glitz or things like that - I am a purist - but I think to give Cody an F is just bitter.


This was a huge improvement over last week. My favorite performance was Amanda Brown's, but I also loved Nicholas and Melanie. For the first time, I also really liked Cassadee and Bryan Keith. I love Cody, but that performance was a bit of a mess. My ranking is:
1. Amanda Brown
2. Nicholas David
3. Melanie Martinez
4. Cassadee Pope
5. Terry Mc DeDermott
6. Bryan Keith
7. Trevin Hunte
8. Dez Duron
9. Sylvia Yacoub and Cody (tie)


For the first time in 3 seasons, I think Xtina has actually helped a contestant: Dez. She has transformed him from a boy-band wannabe to a cool jazz style singer, like Bryan. Would be interesting to have the 2 of them duet on a song now.
Melanie probably won't win, but she is still the most unique voice left.
Terry does what he does, and will probably cost him.
I think will come down to Amanda and Trevin in the end.


I don't see Amanda Martinez winning this competition..... I'm still on the fence with Cody Belew......Bryan Keith was good as was Dez....


Thanks for the more in depth review this week..... I agree that this episode was one of the best....... Sylvia DID miss the mark in several places in her performance. I think she's trying WAY too hard to be like Christina. Christina just gets on my nerves EVERY WEEK taking at least one performance and trying to make it about HER with her comments. I like Terry McDermont and he rocked it last night. I do agree however, that he's going to have to show another side of himself if he wants to stay in this competition. Cassadee Pope was awesome as well. The reviewer complained about Blake having his face in his hands. In case you missed it, that song is very personal to Blake......thus his reaction to her performance. Amanda Brown IS BACK. That was simply beautiful. Trevin.....ehh...was ok and I applaud his effort to show a different side. But he still seems to be lacking confidence and seems to be a bundle of nerves....... I don't see Amanda Martinez winning this competition.........
Nicholas David was great too but I still say the guy needs a makeover.......

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