The X Factor Results: Who Advanced?

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And we're down to the... Dirty Dozen? Delightful Dozen? Daring Dozen?

We'll work on that, but either way: 12 contestants now remain on The X Factor after the audience voted its first contestant off tonight. Who advanced?

The X Factor Quartet

The following six names received the good news first:

  1. Arin Ray
  2. Paige Thomas
  3. Diamond White
  4. Vino Alan
  5. Jennel Garcia
  6. Emblem3

From there, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Tate Stevens, Beatrice Miller, Lyric 145 and Fifth Harmony were also left off the hook, leaving CeCe Frey to do battle with Jason Brock for the final spot.

Frey belted out a version of "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me," while Brock went with "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and, with the judges splitting their vote, the final say went to America.

Which was bad news for Jason Brock. He was sent packing.

"I want to say I did it for the gays and Japan," Brock joked about getting the boot, while L.A. Reid hugged him and added: "I'm still proud of him. Every time he sang, he sang from the heart. He is very entertaining and I really loved working with you."

So... did viewers make the right choice? Did Brock deserve to go home?

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Carly should have been number 1 and Tate should have been at the bottom I think that Beatrice, lyric 145, jennel Garcia and 5th harmony should have been like in the top 5 because they were better then the rest.


dis show sucks although it has my favorite singer,britney spears,but still look all the contestast epsecially the all the children including arin ray,fith harmony girly group,vino alan,paige thomas,they sucks,i onli watch it unitl the the judges house!!!PLUS KHLOE KADTRASHIAN,ohh hate dat bitch!!!seriuously i love K-POP NW!!!!time to change PEOPLE!!!


Brock and Cece being at the bottom was to be expected. What surprised me Tate being #1.. and why Beatrice was so low? She deserves much more votes!
It's between Carly and Vino at the end though.


I think the XFactor is so much fun to watch! they made the result show much more fun by the vote ranking and mentioning the winner of the most votes that week.


It's a no brainer that the judges will vote to keep who they are mentoring........ Lack luster review you did there......You didn't bother to mention the big ratings ploy of them naming who got the most votes......I was surprised Beatrice Miller wasn't further up the list..... I wasn't surprised at Jason going home or Cece being at the bottom.....she's got to shed that arrogant attitude.......