The X Factor Results: Who Made the Top 10?

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Only 10 contestants remain on The X Factor, and while at least one of tonight's eliminations may create some buzz/debate, all viewers can agree on one thing:

Khloe Kardashian is an abysmal host. I say this without any biased based on her reality show or the exploits of her family. But solely on the fact that she has no personality on stage and can't seem to read her lines.

Let's move on to the eliminations, shall we?

The X Factor Crew

Before Taylor Swift took to the stage for a rendition of "State of Grace," Lyric 145 quickly learned the bad news, with one member responding to it in odd fashion:

"We had a hip-hop song that got snatched away from us at the very last minute."

Was she blaming mentor Simon Cowell? Producers for forcing a change on Wednesday night?

Moving on, the final two acts to learn their fate were a pair of young adults: Jennel Garcia and Paige Thomas. They each sang for their competitive lives, with Garcia hoping to give fans a "Reason" to keep her around and Thomas trying to prove the stage was her "Paradise."

After the typically staged and irritating bickering among judges, Garcia was voted out, fighting back tears as she told the audience: "I'm just happy that I made it this far."

But should she have made it farther? Vote now: Did the right contestant go home?

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@kayla; your term redneck is offensive. To single out one stereotypical group of people. Ugh. You saying that makes you ignorant. I just; where are your manners? Jennel, I hope they bring her back like they brought back Diamond. She did not deserve to be there.


I think on some level Simon likes to root for the underdog(in this case Khloe) which is why he hired her. She brings absolutely nothing to this show. She's never been in the music business and, well, Mario hasn't either but he has hosting experience and is better.....


...continued you can tell she lacks experience. I don't think hosting a big show like X Factor is the right place to start when you have no hosting experience. But that's also the producers' mistake.


I was disapointed that the judges had to choose between Paige and Jennel. I thought Arin Ray would be sent home. He was my choice anyway. But I was happy to see that showing the ranks didn't change the way people voted. I would have been a shame if someone like Carly Rose ended up in the bottom two because people didn't vote for her because they thought she was safe. I found both performances a little disapointing, thought Paige was better. But "The reason" wasn't a good song choice for Jennel, again I guess we have Demi to blame for that choice. I don't think the argument with Simon and Demi was staged, looking at Demi's face you could tell it was hard for her and she wished she wouldn't have to choose between the two and be responsible for one of them to go home. I think she said Paige hoping to go on deadlock. As for Khloe, she's getting better, but you c


This show has become a cluster f**k. It's so over produced and the top 16 was unnecessary. They should of just made it a top 12. The announcer is horrible also. They should of borrowed the announcer from American Idol. But I guess FOX has zero control of anything. Khloe on the other hand. Week 1, she was horrible(yelling into the mic, moving like a robot, asking the typical questions, and cutting off acts when they answer questions). Week 2, she got a little bit better. Week 3, she finally stopped yelling and I found her finally getting a flow. But she still has some rough edges.


@kayla........your couldn't be more wrong........people are voting for the sob stories.....example......Cece Frey......the only reason she didn't go home was her sob story last night about being out there all alone and not having any of her family there.....really? Sorry, but I don't believe for a minute that the show doesn't pay for at least a couple of family members to be there, especially for all those minors that are competing............ And yes, Khloe sucks......get rid of her ASAP.....


Tate favorite for the second week in a row??? Are the only people voting middle-aged rednecks? And couldnt agree more.for Khloe.
Its really awkward and embarressing.