The X Factor Results: Who Made the Top 12?

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I didn't come into these live shows wanting to trash on Khloe Kardashian. I've never watched her show, and I have nothing against her. But... my goodness has she had a rough start to her career as a host on The X Factor.

Khloe messed up her lines, asked a number of clown questions, said a loud YES after everything Mario Lopez uttered and cut off contestants in the middle of their answers on multiple occasions. How many people had to say no before they got to Khloe on their list of possible hosts?

After fighting through the hosting hiccups, The X Factor cut its finalists down from 16 to 12, eliminating one contestant from each of the four groups. Let's see how it all went down... 

The X Factor Judges Debating

Young Adults

In: Jennel Garcia and Paige Thomas's hat.

Cece Frey: Other than a few moments in her lower register not sounding great, this was exactly what she should have done to begin with. A big power ballad is what she is all about.

Willie Jones: This was also better than his first go around, but because it was stripped down, it became clear that his voice just isn't all that great. Just like in his original audition, it seemed like his low voice was really forced.

My Choice: Cece
Demi's Choice: Cece

Old Geezers

In: Vino Alan and Tate Stevens.

David Correy: It wasn't JUST that there weren't a million dancers around him, and he let his voice speak for itself. David also did a multitude of little tweaks to that track that showed how talented he is musically. I couldn't disagree with what Demi and Simon said more.

Jason Brock: There's no arguing that his vocal abilities are apparent, but boy was this theatrical. That's not my thing, but if you like the Broadway style for your superstar, then I get it.

My Choice: David
L.A.'s Choice: Jason


In: Beatrice Miller (yahoooo!) and Carly Rose Sonenclar.

Arin Ray: It's almost comical at this point that all of these contestants are so much better on results night than on performance night. His tone sounded really good to start, but he suffered towards the end because he doesn't really have the power to belt out those big moments.

Diamond White: Anyone who makes Elton John sound current deserves to make it through to the next round. Seriously, how many times have people done Elton on these singing shows and it felt way too old? This one didn't at all.

My Choice: Diamond
Britney's Choice: Arin


In: Emblem3 and Lyric145

Sister C: I kind of understand what Simon was talking about now with their attitudes, but it was mostly with the brunette C. She seemed really upset about being in the bottom two, and it showed throughout the performance. They were good here, but not much better than we've seen them in the past.

1432: These girls, meanwhile, went backwards from their performance from Wednesday night. It was much more like their judge's house song, when each one just took a turn singing. That is mostly a result of them only being together for a little while, but that's not excuse. They're just not good enough as a group yet.

My Choice: Sister C
Simon's Choice: 1432


So that's it, TV Fanatics. Next week's Top 12 will compete for America's vote, and only the most popular acts will move on. Who was your favorite from results night? Did you agree with the judges' choices? And who do you think is going to win it all?


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All of my favorites made it carly, paige , jannel, emblem 3, lyric 145, 1432 the people who should have went home is cece I still don't like her and arin ray dimond should have stayed and Willie should have stayed and I also hated when khloe and Mario kept cutting off the contesting when they were talking.


I would have sent Cece, Jason, Beatrice and Sisters C home. David shouldn't have left the competition so soon, he's got an amazing voice so is Diamond.


*ABOUT love and life....... Willie Jones.......I have to agree with Demi. He can sing and is talented but he can't seem to identify with either country or R&B.......I don't know if it's nerves or what but he also comes off as forced........with the right coaching he can come out of that........ Jason Brock WILL NOT win the competition.......I will be surprised if he makes it past next week.....too flamboyant ....... David was good but he needs to tone it down just a bit.....passion is great .....TOO passionate is not......


Diamond White, is she 13? She's WAY TOO YOUNG to be singing songs and love and life when she knows nothing about it yet.........


I don't care if Khloe is nothing like her sisters......just the name Kardashian is enough to turn me off from it. Her and Lopez still are just not meshing well together...... They need to do something to control the screaming people in attendance at these shows.....You can't even hear the singing for the screaming people in the audience. Did not like how Simon at the end tried to turn the tables and want to say who he was saving first, which Mario wasn't having......Simon was creating unnecessary drama. Not surprised Cece and Paige made it through......I feel there's drama to come between these two......Cece still needs to tone down her arrogant attitude.......AND go back to her original hair color as the new one is doing nothing to change my opinion of her, which is what I feel Demi's goal was in having her do that......And Demi just looked homely last night......what was up with that??????


s and teeny boppers that buy most of the music out there) he was forced to make a decision. Maybe that's why Arin Ray made it through??? I mean did you hear the crowd, mostly female right?! Thats what I thought. Its a business. Which is why The Voice is a better show(btw if you want to hear some real singing catch Nicholas David from the voice, the guy is unreal and doesn't look "the part" at all but he'll change your mind real quick, TRUST ME.) That is all, end of rant, peace y'all


Now for the 2 biggest snubs of the night... in the teens category, Diamond White might even be the best in her category or even the entire show and she's now going home because Britney felt too bad to send home Arin Ray who is now back for his second term on XFactor(awww). He sounds like so many fellas I've heard try and sing at all the school talent shows I've seen at the schools I've worked at pver the passed 12 years(Im a teacher and coach in South Florida btw.) They all want to be Usher but really cant hold a torch because Ushers' range and smoothness is actually insanely deep and strong. As for the biggest snub of the night, I can see Lyric 145 going through because they were entertaining but in my opinion Sister C and 1432 both deserved to go forward. But because Simon chose to put the "Barbarians" (emblem 3)automatically through he had to make a choice and Sister C got the axe. Only one of those emblem 3 guys can actually sing, but since Simon loves boy bands(and its little girls and teeny boppers that buy most of the music out there) he put them through. Maybe another reason why Arin Ray made it through?? I mean, listen to the crowd... do you here guys out there or is it loaded with females? Thats what I thought. Its a business. Hence why "The Voice" is a better show(btw the way if you want to hear real singing check out Nicholas David on the voice, the guy is amazing)Peace y'all


Now for the show... first off, I believe Demi got it right but thats in no way short changing Willie Jones, who I believe can really change or add a new twist to the country vibe(and im not even a country fan) and bring something completely unique. Demi wants him to sort it out and pick one(country or soul/r&b), I say WHY? Why cant he mash the two and do what he seems like he was born to do(and can do might I add). As far as the "geezers", no way David should be going home, he's too talented with good range and has that Adam Levine sound going for him. I'm sorry but Jason Brock aka "Mr. Entertainment" is way too flamboyant and although he has a great voice, he strikes me as all broadway or Vegas, not a "pop" star.


Im sick of "celebrities" like any of these Kardashians getting more and more air time when its so clear they bring nothing to the table, they never have and never will. Its easy to see that society is lost in this country, or at least the ones that watch TV. Execs would only make a move like this based on the "goings on" or ratings here in the United States and since most are obsessed with fake celebs like the Kardashians and the The Jersey Shore morons and the Housewives etc... the move only typifies how sad and how lost many people are. Its sad and she(Khloe) must go, like the rest of these non-worthy "celebs" out there. There's plenty of famous folks who are celebs and are good people but because they stay low key and dont cause drama, no one wants to hear from them. Everyone wants to hear from the lost and dysfunctional. Again, says where we are as a society. Ok, end of rant lol! Next...


Having Khole as a host is embarrassing. I find myself actually feeling sorry for her.

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