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I totally agree......from the very first performance out of the gate it was just TOO MUCH and OVER PRODUCED. They need to be showcasing these people's talent....AND NOT overboard productions.......I also didn't agree with the song choices for some of the contestants.

Now to the hosts......UGH.......they are not meshing well together. DO NOT NEED 2 HOSTS.......pick one or the other.....preferably Mario Lopez.....

Out of Xfactor, The Voice, and American Idol.......The Voice is my favorite......they at least TRY HARD to make it about the contestants talent......AI is just a glorified popularity contest where the votes don't count that is going down fast with the addition of Nicki Minjah.......I still pick XFactor over AI too, but if they continue on the path they started last night, that's going to change.


Great review, I am not sure I agree with all the performance reviews, but overall you`re right on point. Up to now I was loving X factor, amazing talent, great song choices and I found myself listening different performances over and over again. But yesterday, I was not impressed at all and there is barely a performance Ì`d like to watch again. It was so overproduced and there was so much distractions that i actually had a hard time hearing the acts. I guess I`ll continue to listen to judges home performances hoping next week is better.


Great review. Right on the money. Most of these mostly talented performers were ruined by unneeded makeovers, unecessary backup dancers, and ridiculously overproduced numbers.

All you need to do is look at their earlier auditions and performances and compare them to last night's show; most if these singers went from great to bad, thanks to the producers and the mentors. Nothing short of bizarre.


Couldn't agree more!!! Up until yesterday I was loving the x factor. Talent seemed impressive. I still have hope that they tone down the over production of performance though because I really like some contestants. These judges seem to be taking their acts in the wrong direction. The contestants were a lot better in the early rounds when they had total control of what they do and sing. What a waste. Still hoping for the best.


I absolutely agree. I feel like I've wasted two hours watching a horrible show. What are the makeup artists thinking, how are the contestants going to be relatable at all when they are dressed so wierdly. Just because it worked for lady gaga, doesn't mean it would work for anyone else (yes, paige, I am talking about you). most of the song choices are bad, britney was the only sensible judge. I am so disappointed. Distracting dance crew, horrible background, I cannot hear their vocals at all. All of this just makes me look forward to american idol more. American idol felt like good tv and it has amazing talent. I am so disappointed at the x factor production team, they really do have some amazing talents.

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