The X Factor Top 8: Totally Frey-ed

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Can Carly Rose stay on top? Will CeCe Frey finally sing her way out of the competition? How low can Khloe Kardashian sink as host?

Enough with the pressing X Factor questions... on to this week's performances!

Carly Rose Sonenclar on The X Factor

Diamond White, "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" - Whitney Houston once again. The girl's got guts. She's also got a different version of this classic, starting it slowly and very effectively. But the confetti then pours down and the back-up dancers kick in as the tempo speeds up... and it's like White gets lost in the production.

Vino Alan, "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" - Hey, at least it wasn't another patronizing song about America. But it was rather drab, as Demi and Simon both note, with the latter providing the most stinging take: "That was not a $5 million performance." In related news, the sky is blue.

Paige Thomas, "Never Gonna Give You Up" - We're being Rick Rolled, as Paige insists on dancing, much to Demi's chagrin. And much to ours. Ouch! She's spinning a lot and trying to shake and not exactly singing as she does any of it. L.A. Reid says it was her "best performance." Safe to say I disagree.

Fifth Harmony, "What Doesn't Kill You" - We learn that Ally's grandfather died, which casts an undeniable pall over the performance. It's not bad on its own merit, though, especially the actual singing. I could have done without the images in the background, but the group hug sold me.

Carly Rose Sonenclar, "Rolling in the Deep" - There are a couple subtle changes to this Adele classic, and an annoying wind machine, but the bottom line is clear: this gal can whale! Very impressive. Simon refers to her as an "alien," I think as a compliment."

Tate Stevens, "Somebody Like You" - Country fans will be happy with this rendition, which included some fun guitar playing. Britney goes as far as to predict a Country Music Award for Stevens one day. That may be putting the cart before the cowboy hat.

CeCe Frey, "Lady Marmalade" - This is simply atrocious, almost like Frey is daring America to send her home. She's just screaming and doing a terrible Xtina karaoke impression. Simon correctly (PLEASE say it's correct, viewers) tells CeCe to "pack a suitcase."

Emblem3, "I'm a Believer" - Not much energy, but props for going with The Monkees. This has to be tongue-and-cheek, right? I dig the goofiness, but can't take them seriously as contestants.

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: Which was your favorite performance?

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Terrie, Carly has more experience in the business than any of the other contenders. She's been singing for large crowds for many years already, done Broadway etc. She can handle it better that Tate for example.


@Tomas ...........AND?!?!!? I never said Carly wasn't talented. At 13 She's just TOO YOUNG to handle the pressure of today's music world.......Last week Simon, for lack of a better arguement, told Beatrice the same thing. So I question why he chose to allow kids so young to be on the show in the first place. I also said in earlier weeks that THE VOICE has been 100 times better than love of music is why I watch both.


LOL....did this show run out of money paying the judges??? Have u seen Tate's taped mic??? Hilarious!!! :-)


@tomas I agree completely with you!
Nobody is close to Carly Rose in term of talent. As for E3, i think they dont even have the look either. They look straight from a 90s boyband. There's nothing fresh about them. Only reason why simon is freaking out over them is that he's desperate for a american One direction 2.0


"Even though we're about to be down to 6 I still can't pick a winner yet.."
Terrie, are you serious? :) For me, the winner is very clear, Carly has no competition whatsoever in this show. Everyone is too far behind. I like Vino's voice a lot, was so disappointed with that song choice.. He made it clear on twitter that he hated it too, trusting L.A. this time might bust him out of the show :( On another hand, Cece surprised me last night, I liked her performance, yet still want her gone :P All the others were mediocre, Simon gets on my nerves by putting Emblem3 like some superstar boyband, I think besides the looks they have nothing going.


Some of these numbers CONTINUE to be dramatically OVERPRODUCED. I think Cece and Vino will go home. Simon was RIGHT in telling Cece to pack her suitcase. I don't believe Christina herself could walk out on that stage and give Cece a glowing review of THAT performance......I am still disappointed that there hasn't been any REAL DRAMA between Paige and Cece like they focused on in the audition episodes.... I'm surprised Simon's groups have advanced as far as they have.....E3 of course has the teen girl vote locked down and I'm sure that's helping. Even though we're about to be down to 6 I still can't pick a winner yet....


I love you khloe! You are making your mark!

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