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Nina and Olivia were like mom and daughter, but got 2 little scenes in total, but Walter had plenty with Nina.

So sick and tired of Walter whining and angry whenever Noble pleases, over the top acting, I was laughng when he did his crying even more when the boy did his socalled empathy crying with Walter.

Who cares that Olivia lost her daughter, who cares that Olivia just lost Nina,
it is Walter Walter Walter, the big me myself and I Walter that needs all the attention.

I saw Anna Torv on BTS photos on set with the boy that plays Boy Observer, really having a bond, playing with him and protecting him against the papz.

So I hoped that finally Olivia and Anna would get her own storyline, but even the the child Observer, had to go to Walter and John Noble.
On top of that he is going to ruin the tank next week.

So Wyman hates Olivia Dunham and has a huge disdain for Anna Torv, that is clear now.
Anna still manages to be brilliant despite that, shows her class.

Wyman has managed to make me hate Fringe with this season.


This for me was one of the best episodes of this season. Nina's death was truly heart-breaking but I also choose to believe that Michael showed her her fondest memories and a glimpse of the future. I am intrigued by Donald being September. So apparently the tech in your head doesn't have to make you a believer in a lizard men's perception of being? But is Donald/ September also Michael?


'"et, I can't help but feel that for the most part, Fringe Season Five has been more focused on closing the chapter to its super saga with a bang and less about the journey to get there. Sure, we've had good scenes that have touched on Walter's moral dilemmas and identity, Peter's grief, and even Olivia's ability to be the stable and supporting member to her love, to her daughter, to her team." Seriously? You want MORE scenes of Olivia wordlessly grieving and Walter worrying about his humanity and LESS mythology? I think with "Anomaly XB-6783746" Fringe is finally returning to form after a so-far awkward season in which the superfluous scavenger hunt has usurped the story. I've always loved the child observer (or whatever he is) and I'm thrilled that September is back after a 10-episode hiatus. Nina's death was heartbreaking, but amazing, and I like to think Michael showed her the past and the future before she died, so she knew what she was giving up her life for. As for the plan "resetting time" (according to the promo) that's pretty much what we assumed would happen after Etta died.


Maybe Michael is Donald's (September's) son and September didn't want this 'anomaly' get 'destroyed' as Windmark said.

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