Sons of Anarchy Season 6: Who's Coming Back?

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The day after Sons of Anarchy Season 5 came to a shocking end, creator Kurt Sutter jumped on the phone with reporters and spilled some nuggets regarding Season 6.

To wit:

Donal Logue as Lee Toric
  • Donal Logue will return for 7-8 episodes as Lee Toric.
  • The status of Jimmy Smits and Drea de Matteo is unknown, but Sutter would love to have each back.
  • Future episodes will delve into the relationship of Jax and Bobby, as well as Jax and Chibs, who Sutter now sees as the new Opie, Jax's true right-hand man.
  • The bond between Jax and Gemma will be stronger than ever when the series returns.
  • Sutter is still weighing how much time will have gone by between seasons; it may be a couple weeks, it may be a few months.

Fans, of course, need to wait months for any of these developments to go down. Weigh in now and grade Season 5:

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Do anyone know when the show coming back out, can't wait


I think Jax is also behind Tara going to prison. I f that is so I will stop watching the show.


Anybody agree with me that Jax is behind Tara going to prision for awahile.
She wanted to give the kids to Wendy behind his back.


JR, google megashare SOA season 5. that's where I watched the season.


The weather starts to heat up... It must be time for the steamy cast of Sons Of Anarchy to reappear. It's not soon enough. Katie and Jimmy have great " very hot chemistry" connection. Bring it on....


Absolutely the best drama series on TV! I am a fan of SOA and TWD! Come on Season 6! Hurry hurry hurry! Ah, Mr. Sutter Sir, would you please bring Oded Fehr into the show! Pleassseee he would be a perfect addition!


Gemma needs to be sat straight by Jax and mind her own business.Jax needs to know the truth.


They need to devote a season to the older SOA days with John Teller, And the Original 9 or whatever they call them in the show, an show how the club started which would also show how it changed .


when is the show comming back


when are you starting up again

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