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Sons of Anarchy Season 6: Who's Coming Back?

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The day after Sons of Anarchy Season 5 came to a shocking end, creator Kurt Sutter jumped on the phone with reporters and spilled some nuggets regarding Season 6.

To wit:

Donal Logue as Lee Toric
  • Donal Logue will return for 7-8 episodes as Lee Toric.
  • The status of Jimmy Smits and Drea de Matteo is unknown, but Sutter would love to have each back.
  • Future episodes will delve into the relationship of Jax and Bobby, as well as Jax and Chibs, who Sutter now sees as the new Opie, Jax's true right-hand man.
  • The bond between Jax and Gemma will be stronger than ever when the series returns.
  • Sutter is still weighing how much time will have gone by between seasons; it may be a couple weeks, it may be a few months.

Fans, of course, need to wait months for any of these developments to go down. Weigh in now and grade Season 5:


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I was a late comer to SOA but watched all episodes back to back now am waiting with baited breath for season 6 !!!!! Trying to convince hubby to dye his hair blonde and buy a bike aaah heaven !!!! Please Mr Sutter hurry the wait is excrutiating !!!!!!!!!!!!!


the dvd of season 5 will come out on august 23 this year!




I think Jax needs to sh;; or get off the pot he's finelly got the club somewhat lagit for the first time in a long time so he need's to commet or give it to someone who will. Sutter love the show the only thing that I did'nt agree with season 5 was killing off Op it definetly put an experation date on the series. And everyone's blameing Gemma for Tara going to jail Clay knew about her getting the rico case dropped so I think it was his punk ass trying to stay alive while he's locked up or get Jax to admit to the frame. Love this show bro hurry up with season six can't wait to see what's next?Shows like this make me wish I was an actor. Lol! Peace!


Kurt sutter why are u dragging this shit out. The show needs to come back on in may so people dont forget what they saw ln last season. Just add a few more shows to the season to exstend it out until november


Love the show. Gemma is one of my favorites. Can't wait for season 6 and we don't know if Gemma is the reason Tara's dumb a** went to prison!


All I have to say is when is season 6 coming on. Need to know now. Love love love this show.


Omg,.i love the show. I have watched the seasons over again. I have a friend that has changed her hair style to look like gemma. We cant wait for the next season and where it wil go


We don't even know that Gemma made good on her threat to send Tara to jail, there are too many characters who could have and had motive to do it. And Jax and Gemma should be close, it's part of the dark dysfunctional world they live in. I know all you girls up there want to see Jax and Tara happy with their two boys, but this isn't a chick show, it's an outlaw show. And Tara is too whiny. Can't wait for season 6!


jax and Gemma closer. Mother stay by his son. She would do anything for club and her family like the queen should. Get rid of tara.