The Lying Game Season 2 Premiere: Three Sneak Peeks!

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Who should be scared? That's the question ABC Family poses in its latest The Lying Game Season 2 promo, as the manipulating and scheming of this fun drama returns on January 8.

But who should be excited? TV Fanatic readers, of course, because we'll be covering this devious series in depth all winter long.

Below, we've posted a trio of clips from the first installment of 2013, starting with a trip inside a courthouse for Alec's trial:

From there, look for a convertible and a conversation to make things very awkward:

And, finally, Sutton complains about Emma and plots to take her down in this Lying Game Season 2 sneak peek:

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2013--So Ethan gets drunk and sleeps with Sutton... Not a crime, Emma slept with Thayer--she was sober. Like Sutton said: Emma gave it up to the wrong guy! I think, that Emma and Ethan are good together and Sutton and Thayer are good together... Emma has the good head on her shoulders and Ethan is the badass--it's the ying abd yang thing! Sutton is the lying and deceiving one and Thayer is the goody two shoes! There has to be one good and one bad, to even everything out! Do you understand?


Emma And Ethan look way better together she cares about him not like sutton she just wants to get back at Emma sutton is to fake to know wat real love is


Emma and Ethan! Much more on screen chemistry and she brings out the best in him. Their love for one another was geniune and wasn't one sided. Thayer is best being just a friend. No sparks between them


CAN't WAIT for season 2 to begin.. :D


I hope season 2 of the Lying games is as awesome as season 1 and I really hope that Emma will end up with Thayer they make more sence as a couple than her and Ethan and Thayer is such a sweetheart and a really good friend to her!



@ Emily



So...either something is officially going on between Thayer and Emma or Ethan is still totally blowing out of proportion the hug and the fact that Emma is nice to Thayer (I must confess, I go back and forth on the issue, a growing part of me more roots for an Emma/Thayer connection than an Emma/Ethan one, Ethan can be so reactive and hot tempered I just think he and Sutton make more sense) How long can Rebecca really listen to Sutton totally hating on her sister? I mean, clearly, Rebecca likely reached out to Sutton as she was a) easier to find b) was all caught up in the drama that had ruined Rebecca's young life and c) I still get confused over this, but Emma wasn't always Emma was she? She was raised by the crazy lady for it seems like a year or two and then everyone thought she died in the fire and then somehow was found and put into the foster system, so it is possible if Rebecca did look, she might have thought she was dead and Sutton just happened to find her. But, seriously, Emma is her daughter too Sutton!!

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I always say that "Hope is grief's best music."


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