The Voice Results: Who Made the Final Four?

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After Monday night's Top 6 performed for America's vote, eliminations were in store for The Voice contestants once again on Tuesday.  With only the best of the best still around, two more competitors were told to hit the bricks.

Filled with five performances from the contestants, as well as special guests Ne-Yo and Matchbox 20, there wasn't THAT much time to get opinions from the coaches on how everything shaped up.

The Voice Top 6 Results

Carson did, however, find a moment to commend Cee Lo on having pushed his button back in the Blind Auditions for every single member of the Top 10.  Hold on a second.  Is that really the story?  Yes, he has finally put together a quality team this season, but let us not forget that he pushed his button for what seemed like everyone who came on stage back in September.

If we look back, Mr. Green turned around 44 times (that we saw), recording the lowest success rate of all four coaches (36%).  He may have turned around for all of the best contestants, but when you think about it, he pretty much turned for anyone who could hold a tune...and some who couldn't.

But Tuesday night is about the results, so let's find out who is moving on to next week's Top 4 Semifinals, and who is leaving us...

Safe - Terry McDermott!
Safe - Trevin Hunte!
Safe - Cassadee Pope!
Eliminated - Melanie Martinez
Safe - Nicholas David!
Eliminated - Amanda Brown

In what hast to be looked at as the most talented season of finalists The Voice has seen in its three installments, two quality performers had to leave this week, and that's exactly what happened.

Both Melanie and Amanda are extremely talented, but unfortunately, the other four did a little bit more to win America's love this time around.  I think Ms. Martinez was done in by those ridiculous props and staging, while Amanda played everything a bit too safe on Monday.

So there you have it.  In the Final Four is Nicholas and Trevin from Team Cee Lo vs. Terry and Cassadee from Team Blake.  I can't wait to see how it all plays out, but for now it's your turn to weight in.

What did you think of America's decisions?  Did we get it right?


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I still think Adam and Cee Lo have the best judgment when it comes to picking and coaching their contestants, even if they don't end up winning. Blake might win again, but he doesn't necessarily pick people who are relevant in the music industry. Terry has an extremely outdated style and Cassadee is boring and predictable (their performances rarely deviate from the original, which makes them even more boring). Their win will be just as exciting as Jermaine Paul winning last year. With Amanda and Melanie gone, the only interesting person left is Nicholas, which means that he will probably not win.


I think as a coach Blake Shelton is the strongest coach and it will come down to Terry and cassadee.. with Terry winning it. He has more stage comfort a nd sings awesome.


I think as a coach Blake Shelton is the strongest coach and it will come down to Terry


Terry sing songs right in my wheelhouse of music, and does them well, but Amanda should be there in stead of him. I always feel like Terry is auditioning for those 80s bands that are touring for when they lose their singers (see Journey and Styx).


I watched this whole season. I do not agree with all the fuss over who went home. Amanda was good, but like so many others out there. I have no clue as to who will win this, but I was satisfied with the four for whatever reason they came through to the end. I am older and I never bought itunes.


To me, the most unfair thing about the itunes bonus is that it gives contestants with a wealthier and older fan base a a huge advantage over contestants with younger fans who generally can't afford the $13.00 needed to download 10 copies of a song. (sidenote: If you download extra copies of a song outside the 12-hour voting window, you'll only be charged for the first copy, but if you download extra copies during the voting period, you are actually charged for every extra download). This encourages overinvested and financially well-off fans to buy their favorite's songs in bulk in order to get them to the top 10 on itunes


Forgot that they only multiple the Itunes votes by 10 if someone is in the top 10 on the, yeah, it still is kind of unfair. They should just have all the Itunes purchases be multiplied by 10 to be fair and put that method of voting on equal footing with the other methods.


I think the itunes voting system is very unfair and shady, because it only allows downloads that hit #10 on itunes, to get the 10X bonus. This results in a huge numbers gap between a contestant at #10 and one at #11. I don't see why all downloads can't be multiplied by 10. With Amanda and Melanie gone, I probably won't tune in next week. Nicholas is really the only interesting contestant left. The remaining singers, are boring and predictable. To me, Amanda was by far the best contestant, in terms of vocals, personality and all-round package. Her popularity should have taken her at least to semifinals or finals.


I think Amanda should have stayed over Terry or Nicholas. I was really surprised by how terrific Nicholas sounded on Criminal though, like Cee-Lo mentioned. If he wants to stay in the competition, he needs to mix it up and do a more current song like that. I was also thinking the Itunes vote thing was unfair and just a way for them to try to ramp up their sales. But if you think about it, it's fair because people can vote online or by phone 10 times...and online it's 10 times per email address. So they are really just putting the song purchase vote option on equal footing with the other methods.


Nicholas should have gone home before Amanda. And getting 10 times the vote if they are #1 on iTunes is not fair at all. Much of the viewing audience doesn't use iTunes, I would bet. Besides that, it just weights the vote unfairly. For instance, i loved Trevin's songs he best on Monday, but I didn't go download it.

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