The Voice Results: Who Made the Finale?

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Tuesday night on The Voice was highlighted by the return of three of last year's talents, way too much conversing with the coaches and a result that was less than surprising.

Which three will be competing in next week's finale? And who fell one step short? Let's recap what all went down on results night on The Voice...

After a recap of Monday's performances, and one of many wordy chats from the coaches on their thoughts and feelings, Cassadee and Terry teamed up for a very nice if less than amazing performance of "Little Talks."

It was then time for the first returning contestant to take the stage. Juliet Simms, although eventually got into a rhythm by the end of her performance, made me wondering at the beginning if she was actually the same girl I was rooting for throughout the entirety of last season.

The Voice Semifinalists

Finally, it was time to learn who the first semifinalist to move on would be. It was...Terry McDermott!

I'm a bit surprised they announced him first, but he has been very solid over the past two weeks, so I'm glad he's made it through.

To the stage next was last year's country firecracker RaeLynn. Unlike Juliet's performance, this was probably better than anything Baby Annie did last season. I think she definitely has a chance to make it in this business.

Later on Chris Mann also performed for America, and the smooth opera singer did just fine. It's definitely obvious after tonight that The Voice has had some talent the past couple years.

Who was next to make the finale? Carson Daly announces that it is...Cassadee Pope!

Well if she didn't make it to the final three after hitting number one on the iTunes Chart, I would have been surprised.

The final performance of the night came from the two contestants who were still awaiting their fate, and I'm going to credit this boring rendition of "Hero" to that fact.

Following yet another chat with the coaches, this one with all of them taking up too much time, the last announcement was made. Making next week's finals is...Nicholas David!  That means that Trevin Hunte will be going home.

I'm very pleased with the three contestants chosen to move on. Would I have preferred Amanda Brown to be there instead of Terry? Probably, but we're really picking nits at this point.

Three quality singers are in contention for the championship, and to be honest, I'd take any of the three over last year's winner, Jermaine Paul. The Voice is in good shape going into next Monday's final performance show.

What did you all think of the results? Did America get it right?


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This show was the worst ever.The judges manipulate the show from the beginning under the guise of pitting certain contestants against each other so that one will be eliminated.This goes back to Trevin and his sing off. How could the public not go with Amanda Browne and later Trevin? I would hate to think it is all about colour,but then again???? Started with Survivor ,then X Factor and now ,the Voice where the blacks were eliminated early o'clock.Guess having a black President is just as much as America can bear.


first of all i don't think the size of a individual fan club should determine the outcome of the show,and or the career of these talented artists. I think that if you are going to let people vote up to ten times each,the coaches should have a fifty percent vote as they did last season to offset this. After all they did get it right last year. While i think Nick is talented, i don't think he is in the same category with Terry, Cassadee,or Treven or Amanda for that matter. The name of this show is The Voice after all, and with his limited range and tone,Nick is definitely not the Voice when honestly compared to some who have been eliminated, as evidenced by who has consistently charted on both I tunes and Billboard. I believe that Terry or Cassadee should win, but under the current format i'am almost afraid to watch next week. Other than the steal option that was implemented this season i think NBC should let the coaches/judges opinions back into the decision making process as they were hired to do. Please change the show format back to what made it number one, and level the playing field for all these artists who have worked so hard, and sacrificed so much.


smh........why oh why do some people have to make EVERYTHING about the color of somebodies skin??? ............. Joely, I think your WRONG in your assessment. Trevin has a voice, yes, but he's just not THERE yet. He still has a lot of work to do. He still has to work on believing in himself. He seemed like a bundle of nerves EVERY TIME he sang and had ZERO personality. Cee Lo's song choices had a lot to do with it as well. In any matter, I think he will be fine. In case you missed it, Christina wants to take him under her wing and take him on tour with her.......and I'm sure Cee Lo won't leave him high and dry either.


I think America got it wrong, but then so does the music industry. Trevin is transcendent, but the biz sees a black man and OOPS! R&B or gospel only! Amanda Brown was a black rocker with a crazy voice, but NOPE! Black women gotta do R&B! Boot her off. Cassadee will win. She is a decent (not amazing) singer with a pretty white face. They can market her tomorrow. At this point, Terry McDermott and Nicholas are the real artists left in the game. Neither will win. I just hope they find careers somehow. The record industry will have no idea what to do with either of them.


No surprise that it was Trevin that went home. He had the death spot this week. Not only that but as many have said his song choices have been terrible. One has to wonder if different choices had been made that he wouldn't have went farther.......Trevin still needs a lot of work in my view....... In any matter, I feel all 4 will do fine after The Voice. Christina has already told Trevin that she wants him on the road with her.....I feel Adam will help Amanda Brown. I also feel that Cee Lo will help Nicholas. I still do not feel Nicholas will win this. That's not to say he can't sing or isn't talented. I think Cassadee or Terry will win.


TV Fanatic can you not do anything about posters like ASHLEY on here shamelessly self promoting where they work and their USELESS product?!?!?!


American Idol doesn't even compare to this show...........

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