The Voice Results: Your Season 3 Winner is ...

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The Voice closed out its third season on December 18 by granting one of its final three contestants a deal with Universal Records, bragging rights for their celebrity coach, and $100,000 in their pocket.

Most importantly, as Carson Daly reminded us, they get to be named The Voice!

So who was crowned the NBC reality hit's third winner? Nicholas David from Team Cee Lo Green or one of Blake Shelton's contestants, Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott? Your champion is ...

The Voice Season 3 Finalists

Cassadee Pope, the pop rocker who used to front the band Hey Monday! It's the second win in a row for Blake, whose other top-three contestant, Terry, came in second. Nick finished in third place.

Though they all couldn't win, the top three got to perform with some huge names in the industry.

Nicholas, the competition's resident soul man, got to share the stage with Smokey Robinson on "Cruising." The Killers' stopped by to perform with their new single "Here With Me" with Cassadee.

She later performed with Avril Lavigne as well, and joined recently engaged Kelly Clarkson and team member Terry for a rendition of "Catch My Breath." Not a bad night for any of the above.

Do you agree with the results, though? Did Cassadee Pope deserve to win The Voice?

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Cassadee was probably my least favorite. IMVHO I don't think she has"THE VOICE". After seeing some of the eliminated contestants back last night I was SURE Cassadee was not the best. Hopefully though ala American Idol some of the talented runner-ups will go on and become successful. Jennifer Hudson being a GREAT example and the past 2 winners sadly do not seem to have made much of an impression in terms of success in the biz so far. She may have been the most "commercial" of the remaining contestants but not IMO the most talented.


YAY CASSADEE!!! Been rooting for her all season! Can't wait to hear her album!


What will happen to Terry and Nick? Will they get contracts with other companies or will Blake or Celo take them on tour with them?


PS: Having a final three instead of final two, definately helped Cassidee, I'm sure Terry and Nick split a lot of votes.


At first I did't care about commenting, because it appears the powers at TV Fanatic don't care either about a TOP NBC show on TV, frankly it should be embarrassing for a high rated TV Website to "mail it in." Producers monitor these sites to glean perceptions of the commenters. This review does NOT attract comments should show hurt advertisment revenue. GET A CLUE TV Fantk. Regarding the Voice...Not a great finaly but a good one. CP won..she had the "particle flow" Media, Itunes, the looks, the surprise. The the groups performances seems forced, except one, Peter Frampton and Terry finally had a Key they could agree on. Why was Christina singing only the harmony part during Judges performance. Look forward Season 4


I think good choice this was a hard one but they got it wright I think so if the others had better songs to fit them things would have been different some of the songs were wrong maybe new judges will help nrxt year


I'm not even close to young and I thought Terry was boring. He's not classic rock, he's karaoke classic rock.


Young kids cannot and do not appreciate classic rock. I'm disappointed Terry didn't win. I'm also disppointed in the reviews here of this show this season. It's always short, with NO commentary.....basically just a recap.....a SHORT recap. And you want to wonder why you get no comments?..........