The X Factor Finale: Who Will Win?

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One group, one country singer and one young lady remain.

Which will be $5 million richer one week from now?

The X Factor Season 2 has come down to three acts - three very different acts - all vying for the grandest prize on reality television.

Will Fifth Harmony shock the television world? Will Tate Stevens follow in the bootsteps of Scotty McCreery and prove that country music rules all? Will Carly Rose Sonenclar complete a dream run?

X Factor Finalists

You tell us: Who will win The X Factor Season 2?

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I think the 6 seats idea is such a stupid idea telling people they got in and they didn't! I'm sorry but it's not fair you really need to change the boot camp system please. 😃 Take my comment as a request . I hope Melanie wins .


I really would love to see 5th Harmony win!! I am really hoping for that upset tonight. However if they can't I'd much rather it be Carly! Tate and all his comments anoy me, not to mention he sounds like every other country singer out there, nothing unique. Unlike Scotty Mc who the minute I hear on radio I'd know it was him. So basically I really hope it's anyone but him. However my favorite for the win 5th Harmony, here's hoping anything can and will happen!


Carly should win. She has the most azing vocals out of any of them. She reminds me of a young Celine Dion. She's the one who should win the 5 million contract. No doubt about it.


Go Home Tate...Stop your Sob Story trying to get Sympathy votes. We all work for a winner. You Also look like a big goon up there with all the teens in the crowd and with the top 3. You are Nausiating.


Carly Rose is the most talented and she should win! My vote is for Carly Rose! She would have a longer career ahead of her, more so than the older Tate Stevens. Tate once said that Britney must've drank some Hatorade when all she said was that it wasn't her favorite performance of his. Vote for whose music you enjoy the most. Just VOTE!!! Carly will get mine!!!


Carly Rose.


Carly has better vocals then Tate..... tbh the fact is the reason people vote for Tate is because they think he is relatable... Well let me tell y'all the truth first of all Tate Stevens is not his real name it is a stage name, second of all he has been in a band before and been the opening act for many big acts, and finally he tries to sell the whole bit that he may not have a job to go back to which is completely untrue, weather he wins or not he will be contracted, not to mention he already has the entire backing of his entire community so there will always be a job available. I do respect Tate but he is just not the better singer.


Carly should win! She is a legend in the making.....what a talent!


But anything can happen......


Carly has a voice but is one dimensional and is only 13.....WAYYYY to young to handle the cut throat music business........ Fifth Harmony is still finding themselves after being thrown together. I don't see them winning. I'm still pulling for Tate.