The X Factor Results: Who Is In the Semifinals?

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On Thursday night two more acts left The X Factor stage, leaving just four to battle it out in next week's Semifinals. Who moved on? And who is heading home?

After a lot of recapping of what happened Wednesday night, and a performance from last season's winner Melanie Amaro, it was time to say goodbye to one contestant...

The act that got the boot right away was...CeCe Frey!

CeCe Frey Eliminated

It was then time to see who made it through to the Semifinals. Who is in?


Carly Rose Sonenclar!

Tate Stevens!

That meant that Diamond White and Fifth Harmony had go to the Sing Off to see who would make it through.

They literally talked to Diamond White and Fifth Harmony, asking basically the same exact questions, right before a commercial break AND then right after the break. They're ridiculous.

Fifth Harmony: This would have been my favorite performance by them this entire season if they had given a majority of the vocals to "Middle" instead of "Shorts." The cutesy voice on Shorts doesn't pack the punch that Middle's does.

Diamond White: Right off the bat, I'm more impressed by Diamond's ability to sing with emotion.  And while she hit that big note near the beginning, a lot of it felt really pitchy, so I wasn't sold on it either.  I am pretty sure, however, that "Middle" would have knocked that song out of the park.  I'm just saying.

Let's go to the judges' votes...

Simon - Sends home Diamond White
Britney - Sends home Fifth Harmony
L.A. - Sends home Diamond White
Demi - Sends home Diamond White

That means that Diamond White is gone, and Fifth Harmony moves on.  Diamond had one of the classiest and sharpest exits I've ever seen on this show, so I hope she goes on to do good things.

Finally, the ranking of the Top 4 were revealed...

4. Fifth Harmony
3. Emblem3
2. Carly Rose Sonenclar
1. Tate Stevens

There you have it America. What did you think of tonight's The X Factor Results? Did the correct two contestants go home?


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Carly worked hard for this and should win the whole thing tate can come back next year because this year CARLY is going to win.


Tate Stevens deserves to be number he has worked very hard for this and Carly can come back next year and try out TATE STEVENS IS GOING TO WIN


Will it kill you to be not that lazy and post the title of the songs they performed? Some of us read this review to catch up with a show we missed and see if it's worth 'catching up'.


@Antionette Cooney Khloe Kardashian IS NOT a judge. She is a host. I do agree, however, that she needs to go ASAP........


How was tate number 1 carly should have been her performance was better.


Simon why do you have Khloe on the programme as a Judge? She is totally unecessary and has a grating squeaky voice. This household in New Zealand flicks channels whenever she speaks. Please, please, don't bring her back for the next series. She has nothing to offer


I had it right......Diamond, Fifth Harmony and Cece were the bottom three......I couldn't be more thrilled Cece is gone. There are FAR better performers still left. I was a little surprised that after the bickering between Demi and Simon that Demi voted to send Diamond home.... While I want Tate to win, right now I think it's going to come down to Emblem 3 and Carly......I'm pretty sure 2 go again next week because the finale is the week after...we'll see what happens.