The X Factor Winner: Announced!

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Following a frustrating season of over-production and way too much Khloe Kardashian, The X Factor wrapped up its second season run tonight.

Would Tate Stevens prove that country music rules all? Would Fifth Harmony shock the viewing world and prove that groups can actually win these singing competitions? Or would Carly Rose Sonenclar become a very young multi-millionaire?

After two hours of anticipation, the Season 2 winner was announced as...

Carly Rose Sonenclar, Tate Stevens and Fifth Harmony


Yes, the cowboy who was considered the front-runner all season long took it home in the end.

Deservedly so? Did America make the right choice?

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@Rachel Stop fucking talking about Dish. Nobody cares and it's so annoying. Isn't there a way to report people?? This Rachel person is obviously soliciting people to get Dish. Well guess what Rachel it's not working so stop mentioning Dish in your comments.


the best sob story won. Tate can sing, but he's nothing special that will be unique in country. Tate adds to the belief that country music sounds the same, which is a shame because I think there are new artists that are adding a new vibe to country that is appealing to a wider audience. X-factor was a let down talent wise this season.


Uhm..ew. There's no denying that the guy can sing but I think there's nothing special about voice. Carly on the other hand has a voice that is BEYOND amazing and definitely special.


For the first time ever I AGREE with the phrase Americans are Stupid. Shame on us all. #CarlyRoseFTW #SeriouslyDOH