Year in Review: Best Feud of 2012

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From fights over a kingdom to disagreements over a bit of meth selling, the television landscape was filled with fights, arguments and all-out fisticuffs throughout 2012.

Below, before flipping the calendar to 2013, the TV Fanatic staff has gathered for the first of many end-of-the-year Round Table debates, as we answer the following question:


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Carla Day: When I think of a feud from this year, the first one that jumps to mind is from Dallas. The battle between John Ross and Christopher was an old school feud filled with manipulation, business maneuvers and a girl! Who will end up with Elena?!?

Carissa Pavlica: The Lannisters and the Starks on Game of Thrones as they fight for… what I don't even know any more. Rob doesn't want the crown, but the Lannisters refuse to let them have any peace.

Christine Orlando: I'm going with Sons of Anarchy. Jax vs. Clay. Tara vs. Gemma. Tig vs. Sanity. SAMCRO vs. Jax's soul. There are feuds at every level of this show.  It's brutal and raw and so often shows me things I don't want to see and yet I can't stop watching. It's simply brilliant TV.

Lisa Palmer: How about the Lane/Pete feud on Mad Men? The fight scene was comic gold. Lane called Pete a grimey little pimp if memory serves!

Matt Richenthal: Walt vs. Skyler. The stand-offs between evil husband and trapped wife on the first half of Breaking Bad Season 5 was as tense as it gets, culminating in her admission that she's just waiting for Walt's cancer to return.

Morrow, Clay
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Leigh Raines: Victoria Grayson vs. Emily Thorne. The Hamptons has never been so sinfully juicy!

Jim Garner: I have to go with Rayna and Juliette on Nashville. For two people who don't know each other, they sure do hate each other.

Steve Marsi: I have to second Revenge's Emily vs. Victoria. There's a lot going on in the Hamptons, especially these days, but without that core dynamic you don't have a show.

Mary Powers: I'm a Walking Dead freak, so, I'm going to say The Governor vs. Michonne. That mid-season finale with the stabbing in the eye and the killing of Penny… wow!

Gabrielle Moss: I'd have to say American Horror Story: Asylum in general, from Sister Jude vs. Lana to and Ryan Murphy vs. clarity and coherence (I say this lovingly, as an obsessed fan).

Dan Forcella: My favorite feud from 2012 has been between the Fringe gang and the observers in an epic battle of good vs. evil.

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: Who do you think was involved in the Best Feud of 2012?


Emily Thorne versus The Grayson's and Dan Humphrey versus the NJBC(best fight nominee Dan versus Nate! Loved watching Nate punch Ho Hum Humphrey in the face!!!!)


A vs the liars!


victoria vs emily!!


Suits has well. Gina Torres :
Good bye Daniel.


JAX vs CLAY. Michone vs now the 1 eye governor. And let's not forget when he was fighting the girl with the sword that was awesome.


The Governor vs. Michonne (The Walking Dead) 2012 best feud


BEST FEUD OF 2012? Harlan County Feud.
Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens,Boyd Crowder,Ellstin Limehouse, and Robert Quarles. Just didn't know how it was going to end. Plus the finale gave us the best quote. Quarles" oh sh!t, it's a piggy bank." .

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