Hart of Dixie Boss Teases Zoe/Wade, Return of Rose and a WEDDING

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With Hart of Dixie Season 2 finally getting back underway tonight, TV Fanatic jumped on the phone with creator Leila Gerstein to discuss upcoming happenings in Bluebell.

From Pioneer Day to a couple's BIG day, gather up some scoop on The CW show's future below...


This season feels lighter than last season. Was that a goal you and the writers discussed at the outset?
It kind of naturally happened that way. I think because Zoe was happy, it’s helping the show be lighter. We are all happy and the show became much more of a romantic comedy once she had actually made a choice. We decided to go for the humor of the moment.

What can we expect with the second half of Season 2?
We will see Zoe and Wade try to make it as a real couple in the world. Which will be a lot of fun because they are both so different and they each come with their own enormous set of baggage. The first episode back is Pioneer Day and they have to pose as Bluebell’s founding couple while they are in the middle of their first fight.

We are going to continue to see George and Tansy, which I find to be a delightful experience.

We have some really fun events happening in the future and we will finally see a wedding!

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I can only imagine whose wedding it’s going to be. I’m partially hoping its Brick and Shelby!
We are going to continue to play out Brick and Shelby. We love her as well.

Lemon and Lavon have always been my favorite pairing on Dixie. Will Lemon make it her mission to win Lavon’s heart back? Is Lavon going to do what he does best and stay clueless?
I feel like, in a way, they have been the epic couple. I think we all know that Lemon got her feelings for Lavon back. For Lavon, he has been too burned by her in the past, but he will not remain clueless for the whole season. He will catch up.

I know that you guys have asked McKayla Maroney to come back a few more times. Do you see her character recurring for the rest of the season?
She made a HUGE impression! She had one line and she was hysterical. She is already in two more episodes that we shot and we may have her back again. We think she’s so funny... There’s a Strawberry Festival [in episode 213] and she rode on the fire truck and I made a little cameo with my daughter.

Are we going to see more of Rose?
I have always loved Rose; she is one of my favorite characters. We hope to have her on as often as we can. She does live in Texas, so we don’t bring her back [just] to do a couple of lines. When she comes back, we give her a storyline. We love her and she will certainly be back.

What is your favorite aspect, as the creator and writer, of Hart of Dixie?
We are really lucky because we shoot the entire show on the lot. This morning I walked over and watched a scene in the beauty parlor. I love going to Bluebell. I love waking up and stopping by Bluebell to have a cup of coffee to see what’s going on. I would have to say being able to be a part of it all.

Hart of Dixie returns TONIGHT on The CW at 8/7c.


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Would Leila get in touch with me. I have a great story line I would like you to use. I love this program, all the people are beautiful or handsome and are great actors. And they all have good singing voices. I don't have Facebook, or Twitter so I hope this gets to you Leila. I lived in Georgia for awhile and know how it is for a Yankee to live in the South. They said I talked funny. Please keep Wade shirtless and have him wear white tight jeans. George also has a good build. Show some more of his muscles. I can't wait until April 9th when the new ones comes on. I go up on Demand everyday and watch your show.


love the wedding head bands was woundering where you got them? love heart of dixie cant wait till next week to see what happens next


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Hart of Dixie is such a wonderful show..funny, sexy, sweet. I LOVE Zoe and Wade together and I love how Wade is totally trusting of her and how he's always kissing her. I need my Wade fix and I like watching his character evolve from a lovesick barkeep to the underdog who got the girl. Great stuff. I also like George with Tansy, and Brick with Shelby. I wish Annabeth's Oliver could have stayed around longer. I love Lavon but not with Lemon. Is there a wedding for Tom and Wanda? I wish I lived in Bluebell.


Continuing my statement below---------the loving and rooting for Zoe and Wade will have been for nothing and the end will be a travesty to what should have been.


I am also so glad HOD is back. LOVE Zoe and Wade together and agree with a previous comment about how Wade brings out the best in Zoe. Wade is changing just not as fast as some want, but I think he is very guarded about his feelings and letting people see how he really feels. They are opposites and they definitely have that magnetic chemistry together. I really hope this gets renewed for next season and the president of the CW will continue this show. Zoe and George have absolutely no chemisty on screen--they are so so boring. I do think that Zoe and George will have to only go on one date to realize that they might have a lot in common but their is no spark between them---It is like going out with your friend and the way you talk to her or him. Not the kind of boring relationship I would want with my boyfriend. If this show does not get renewed, I only hope they do not put her with George in the end (even if that was the original thought of the show in the beginninbg) because then all the rooting and loving Zoe and Wade together will have been such a waste of time and a travesty to what should have been as an ending.


It was a fun episode, I really enjoyed Zoe & Wades first fight. I do, however, want Wade to grow up, he still has a long way to go. I like George & Tansy...they are fun and I hope they make it. Zoe and George kinda have to happen in order for her to know if she and Wade are really meant to be. She can't have a relationship with him while constantly wondering about George.


Zoe and George are about as exciting as watching paint dry. I love Wade and Zoe and actually Wade is what makes Zoe a likeable character and brings out the best in her. They are opposites which make them fun to watch. George and Tansy are also fun to watch because they are opposites as well. George is a different person and lets loose when he's away from Zoe and I've really enjoyed seeing the fun side of him. I also love his scenes with Brick. I never thought I'd say that Lemon has turned out to be one of my favorite characters. I love her and Annabeth is a scene stealer!


Are you crazy? George and Zoe have tons of chemistry when they're given the chance. We've never seen the two of them really let loose with each other because they had to be a bit guarded when George was with Lemon. I'd love to see them have a shot at some point.

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