Once Upon a Time to Introduce Key New Character

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Once Upon a Time returned last night with a startling new episode, as "The Cricket Game" took viewers aback by killing off Archie. Sort of. But not really in the end.

Now, fans must prepare themselves for another shocker: we're about to meet Snow White's mother!

Charming and Snow, Reunited

William Keck of TV Guide Magazine recently talked to executive producer Edward Kitsis, who broke the news that an upcoming two-parter will introduce us to this key new character.

"The Snow White story usually begins with the stepmother trying to get rid of her," Kitsis teases. "So we thought it would be fun to explore what Snow's mom was like. Her name is Eva, and she's the person who taught Snow White how to be Snow White."

We'll meet Eva in late February/early March, as Bailee Madison returns to portray a young Snow and fellow producer Adam Horowitz previews that Snow's mother will have "a surprising connection to someone we know."

UPDATE: Rena Sofer has been cast in this role!

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