Smash Season 2: Bigger, Younger, More Musical

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When Smash Season 2 premieres on February 5, viewers will see new faces, a new Broadway production and nary a scary around Julia's neck.

These were just a few of the changes teased yesterday by new showrunner Josh Safran at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

Attempting to satiate fans from last year, while also bringing in those who quit on the critically-lambasted series, Safran explained to reporters in attendance:

"I don't think it's changed that much. Stuff from last year that you loved is still there, and maybe stuff people thought went off on tangents we've looked at [and] sort of tried to find a way to put back together.

"But it still is the same Smash, maybe bigger, [with] more music [and] a little bit younger in regards to some of our new cast members."

Those cast members include Jennifer Hudson as an award-winning stage veteran and Jeremy Jordan as a love interest for Karen. Gone are Julia's husband and son, along with Dev and the ever-irritating Ellis.

Season 2 will also feature a competing musical for Bombshell, which will run into many challenges as it aims to debut in New York.

"What we're really proud of and excited about is that Bombshell is ongoing, but Josh found a way to find another show on a parallel show on its own course," said Executive Producer Craig Zadan.

Was the series aware of your negative feelings about it? Were producer privy to the concept of "hate watching" that seemed to develop around Smash? Oh yes, said EP Neil Meron.

"I read the love, I read the hate, I read the bad. I read everything," he said. "I hope I was objective enough to say, 'Well, that makes sense.' And there were certain things that were written that I actually thought made a lot of sense that people were saying. When Josh came in for the second season and addressed all of those issues, it seemed that it was really the right fit to me."

Smash returns on February 5 at 9/8c. Will you give the revamped version a chance?

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wow .. they do this hideous love triangle with Julia and the cheating and now they just get rid of the family ... wow. They so destryoed Julias character. I have no sympathy for her whatsoever and her subplot season one arc is for me the worst story arc i have seen in a long long time. Way to go writers. Cop out , write out the family after you f***ed it up.


I hope this time around Ivy doesn't get screwed.She is the only reason I watch and props to Megan H. for that.I love her and Derek.But if Karen is going to keep taking everything from Ivy including Derek...then screw it I'm done.Karen is not nearly interesting enough to hold the show and watching Ivy lose everything again isn't my idea of fun.


Glad that Ellis & Dev are gone. Seriously wondering how they'll get rid of Julia's son, husband, and the whole "adopt a baby girl" subplot. Was she on prescription meds the whole time that made her hallucinate a family? Can't be because her writing partner had conversations with them. Turn them into pets with the same names? I'm intrigued... I like Karen & Derek's chemistry. But, always felt the timing was so wrong for them to engage in anything romantic because he's her boss and she needs to concentrate on her career. Hoping they continue to interact & are allowed to mature a bit. Couple of years of UST is fine with me if SMASH runs that long.

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