2 Broke Girls Super Bowl Ad: A New Low?

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2 Broke Girls isn't exactly the most high-brow show on television.

But the CBS sitcom may have plummeted to a new low last night, airing a Super Bowl commercial that simply featured Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs writhing and stripping to Def Leppard’s "Pour Some Sugar On Me."

That was it. No jokes. Nothing original. No attempt to draw in viewers other that overt references to sex. Which does make the ad appropriate for the series, many would say. Watch it here and then react below:

What do you think? The 2 Broke Girls Super Bowl ad is...

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I will NEVER watch this show again. Two Broke Girls I liked you BUT Peirs Morgan?? No ! Sorry I will Never EVER watch again . You become the trash you pick up!


Ok, so I watched an episode. They are really kind of trashy characters. That is, the mention of low brow humor is definitely right (sort of a trashy and not so funny Benny Hill, maybe) -- so the stripper pole commercial is the only kind of commercial to tell what the show is about (anything else would have been misleading). So, not a new low.


This ad nearly immediately followed Beyonce's halftime show where all that was missing were poles and the ad had those. Don't get me wrong, Beyonce put on a show (not one if I had young kids I would have let them watch, but still quite a show). Beyonce was air humping and gyrating and double entreding everywhere. Plus, 2 Broke Girls has ton of "low humour" jokes in its show, though less than it did. So I'm not sure how it was a new low. It really fit in after the halftime show.


The series is terrible and so is the ad.


Sexist and just not funny. Why couldnt they show women being funny and interesting? Isnt this show a COMEDY? Have fun explaining your 7 year old what those ladies are doing on that stripper pole.


Here's the thing -- and I apologize ahead of time if I come off as some kind of cretin -- I've never been interested in this show and have never watched even a minute of it accidentally. I don't even know when it's on ... but I never knew these girls were so good looking and good figures and I'm going to find out when it's on and tune in at least once. To me that says the ad was very effective!


this show has never taken itself too seriously, and that's something i've always appreciated about it. it doesn't try to pass itself off as something it's not and this ad proves that. the point of a promo is to promote and this ad certainly does that. whether you agree with the material or not, it got your attention. therefore i would consider it successful at it's intending purpose.

Matt richenthal

I don't think I ever said the show is terrible. I questioned, and still question, its reliance on low brow sex appeal and humor to market itself.
If the show were so confident in its actual material, why not include scenes or jokes? And the idea that ratings equal quality television would be something I most certainly disagree with.


even though it is not "the most high-brow show on television," it still performs really good in the ratings (over 10 million viewers). people really like this show. i also like it now and then. but i agree that they "may have plummeted to a new low." this show is now more about dirty jokes (more than it already was) and less about the success of these girls. even with the cupcake store open, it is moving really slow.


yes iam agree with u,amy lynn.
just because you dont like the show, u matt richentall,that doesnt mean the show is terrible,
new low? i think its new high for rating tommorow.
god, matt why do you hate this show so much? what afuckibg queer!!!

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