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"Tough Love" gave us two things:

  1. An overabundance of screen time for the incredibly-difficult-to-warm up-to Heather.
  2. The wonderful, intensely beautiful moment we've all been waiting for: THE KISS.

I'm going to guess that I wasn't the only Beastie bemoaning the hour, wondering why we were being punished with the dual bitchichiness of a Heather/Tess tag-team.

The writers must have known that the only way they would be able to redeem themselves after so much negativity was to finally give the viewers what we wanted. Before we get there, let's check out what drove the rest of the episode.

Cat Makes an Introduction

Heather was being a verifiable nutcase when it came to Vincent. Starting the evening they planned to gently introduce him into the fold and showing up in a cocktail skirt was rude. If you set the dress code, don't break it. Another note of warning might be to keep to the original guest list. She knew how concerned Cat was about her meeting Vincent, but she invited Darius, who neither Cat nor Vincent knew, to eat with them. Not an endearing quality.

Gosh, it was so uncomfortable watching Vincent trying to be normal, interacting with Darius about being a doctor and feigning interest his nightclub. It was obvious right away that Darius was a player. Warning signs were going off, and when he got his mysterious text message it told Vincent that he was anything but calm. To think... Heather didn't trust Vincent.

When Cat was given the third degree by Heather and Tess, why didn’t she just say Vincent was in witness protection? Even the police don’t have access to that information unless the party in question decides to tell them. I watched In Plain Sight; I know these things. That was just one more scene that tore the people Cat trusts most further away from her. The worst thing? Her chance to use a great lie like witness protection is gone. Everything that came after has ruined, for the very long term, her chance to bring Vincent into her world.

So, Darius had a short life span. Why did they have to knock Heather out? Vincent killed Darius as Darius sought to save his own ass. Do I think he would have pulled the trigger? Yes. Vincent has a built in lie detector that can read blood pressure and pulse rate and all that jazz. If he didn’t feel she was really in jeopardy, he wouldn’t have done what he did.

But Vincent's beast was just a little stronger than he realized. He didn't mean to kill Darius, only to knock him out of the way. Nobody will know Darius was ready to shoot Heather except Vincent, and he won’t be able to convince anyone otherwise.

The events sure seemed to seal the fate of Cat and Tess, especially since Tess has more loyalty to Joe than she does to Cat. It’s a real shame that she can’t see how similar their situations are. Why she trusts Joe so implicitly while bring a world of hurt on Cat makes no sense to me, but they always seem to make all sorts of sense to the people who are inside of them.

Cat and Vincent are fighting on one side and Tess will be fighting with Joe to take down whoever - or whatever - killed his brother. I have this sinking feeling that the search for the two goons who were really responsible will be forgotten and, with the help of Evan, the search will be increased for the beast.

I loved that Even went to Cat before he made his choice on whether to work with Muirfield. Cat's attention was pulled away by Heather's shenanigans, and that's another moment Cat will never get back. I would love to think that Evan will eventually come to his senses and see the truth about Muirfield, as well as what the close proximity of the beast to Catherine means.

It's easy to follow Evan's logic that he's out to harm her in some way and I can't help but wish his communications with J.T. had been much deeper. That connection would have provided so much insight into the world of the beast for Evan, but that's just one more ship that sailed away this week.

I’m really disappointed in the direction things have taken with Evan, but they have written him into a corner. He’ll have no idea the harm he’s doing until Cat is left half dead and Vincent isn’t there to protect her because Evan has captured him.

For a minute there, it seemed our epic romance was, once again, on hold. Imagine my surprise when Cat carried on with this lovely Beauty and the Beast quote:

Cat: Crazy stuff happens. And, all I want to do is share it with you, figure it out with you. My normal is when I'm with you. I love you. I don't need walls, or doors....
Vincent: I am so in love with you. | permalink

Finally. We got it. The kiss. Followed by a much deeper, soulful, lingering kiss that rolled right into the credits.

The ride just got much rougher for our romantic duo, but Cat is steadfast in her determination to stand by his side. Despite Vincent's weaknesses and low expectations of her longevity, she's not letting him down. What the future holds remains to be seen, but all indications point to a long-term, rocky (and sexy) road.


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I have to disagree with JB, having something in common is not necessarily what makes a relationship. Cat and Vincent have an amazing chemistry, and chemistry is what its all about. What I can agree with is that the writers need to be a little more mindful of the details and how they connect from one episode to the next. That said, it's still my fave show and waiting till March 14th will be nothing short of brutal! I would love to have seen that first kiss when they were dancing at the wedding (still my favourite moment), but as it was, I'll be rewinding it and rewatching it for sure. Seriously, if there is an actor on TV with a voice as incredibly sexy as Vincent's, I have yet to hear it. I love them as a couple, and it's that chemistry between them that keeps me coming back for more!


Did Heather and Tess give her a kidney, I'm pretty sure, I would have told them to mind their own damn business. Loved the kiss


What happened to Cat having boxes and boxes of stuff on Murfield and Vincent and all the experimentation? Have they even bothered to go through it? si there maybe, I don't know, a cure in there? We don't know, because the boxes were yet another plot device that was introduced and then discarded when it was no longer convenient. I'd like to say that we as viewers are smarter than the writers of this show give us credit for, but given the number of people raving about how 'awesome' and 'epic' this show is, seems to prove me wrong. Apparently, all you need is attractive people kissing and no one will care what the rest of the show (or the relationship producing the kissing) is about.


Sorry, but that kiss was so scripted and forced it was no where NEAR worth the wait. And why do we spend every episode whining about 'being normal'? Because lets face it, if Vincent were to suddenly be cured, he and Cat have no business being together. At all. Seriously what do they have in common? Give me one reason they are together besides the fact that the show is called Beauty and the Beast. Yes there are points that could have made them very compatible, like loss and hiding your true self, but those elements have been completely ignored by the writers, so sorry, they don't count. The only time e have seen them look even remotely happy together was during the mid-season finally, but even that they were able to screw up less than a full episode later. Sorry writers, you can't just tell us to care about a couple, call them 'soul mates' and expect us to buy it. We need to actually believe that they work, then these two just don't. And while we are on the subject of crappy writing, what happened tot he boxes and boxes of Murfield stuff that Cat had left from her mom? Why isn't Murfield keeping an eye on Cat simply because of her mom's connection to them. Why you ask? Well of course because all that stuff happened in past episodes, and nothing that happened in the past comes up again unless it's convenient. I'd love to say that we as viewers are smarter than this show gives us credit for, but given all the people out there mooning over how 'awesome' this show is just proves that all you really have to do is have kissing and it doesn't matter what the rest of the show (or even the relationship the kissing is based out of) is like.


Reading your review, I realize the whole "witness protection program" idea would've saved a hell lot of trouble!!


I really was getting frustrated in the first part and even in the middle with Heather getting so much air time but the ending!!! OMG!!! That Kiss was worth the wait!! So sweet and passionate!! I know these two sweethearts have a long rocky and dangerous road ahead of them but I am so happy they have this Amazing Love.


Why do we have to wait until Mar. 14th!!! LOVED the ending!!! Vincent & Cat needed to be MORE prepared for ALL the questions that were fired at them. Why'd Vincent try to take the picture from Heather's room? Cat would've gotten it & he should've heard her coming? Not a good move. Why aren't they checking Darius' cell phone records/texts to see he was dirty? Heather should be telling what she saw in the office. One guy did run away. Evan is going to get into trouble again if he finds Vincent. Muirfield isn't going to spare him. You can tell his feelings for Cat will get in the way. Why hasn't anyone ever followed Cat? Is she THAT GOOD at loosing a "tail"? Seems like someone interrupts their "romance" at the warehouse. Hope they don't blow over the investigation into WHY those men were after Darius. Maybe Cat will find the answers. Have to keep rewatching the ending until the next episode!!


Frustrating episode to say the least. And I thought that Vincent killed one of the thugs and hello check dudes cell phone what kind of cops are they? In fact Im positive only one thug got away. Im kinda worried the hunt for the beast is going to get in the way of good police work which has fallen by the way on this show and btw I watched in plain sight miss it terribly. Heather and Tess could go and I would be happy sister or not she wouldnt be telling me what to do.


That was exactly what I thought! Why didn't Cat simply tell them that Vincent was in witness protection and that would have shut them both up! I find myself liking neither Heather or Tess! I would love to see Cat get a new partner because Tess is such a hypocrite. And wasn't Heather supposed to be working at the party? How does she just go off with Joe's brother and leave whoever to see to things? Very strange! But on a better note - the kiss was WONDERFUL!!! Very soulful and romantic. Definitely a 10+ on that one!!


This episode was so intense! I was amped up for hours after it was over. I loved how Catherine was so determined to make everything ok for Vincent. I was a little upset about Evan's choice to join Muirfield, but he is doing what he thinks is best for Cat! Even though Vincent is whats best for Cat. I think he will eventually come around to understanding, but at what cost?? It will be a rocky and sexy road ahead for VinCat especially with Joe so determined to avenge his brother's death. You could totally tell Vincent was deeply upset about killing Darius, and I'm pretty sure the other two thugs died as well. There was more than one body covered up! Can't wait for the return! 2 weeks is better than 6 :)

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Heather: So why did you go back to your ex?
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She recognized you from the wedding. She thinks you're this mysterious ass.


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