Extended Nashville Trailer: The "Fame" Game

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With Nashville fighting for its second season life, ABC has released a terrific extended trailer that focuses on the key players and storylines from this well-performed drama.

All set against the backdrop of Hayden Panettiere's beautiful rendition of "Fame."

Visit our Nashville music section now to download this track and many others and then vote in our poll below:

Do you want to see Nashville renewed for Season 2?

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Beautiful promo and beautiful performance from Hayden Panettiere. Because of this promo I started watching Nashville and I gotta say that it is weird that they only used Juliette in the promo. Why on earth is she the only one? The promo should've been about both Rayna and Juliette and also include the other major players in the show such as Gunnar and Scarlett and of course Teddy and Deacon. I love Juliette to bits. She is a character I somehow relate to a lot. But the show is so much more than just our temper tantrum diva ;)


This is a just the kind of shows people like to see how marriages can be ruined by egos and wantabees always rooting for the bum who could care less about relationships and family but more about a wild piece.
We know Teddy is no saint but Rayna needs to pull her head completely out and grow up, yesterday is gone and more home life and backup might of saved the marriage.


Wow.. This does absolutely nothing for the show..
Nashville is about a Nashville superstar forced to team up with a teen sensation, with all kinds of personal things, other characters and great country music intertwined. This promo shows Hayden Penettieres pretty face singing a musical song. I feel like they are trying to appease a Glee audience.. So not what this show deserves..


Beautiful cover but why is the promo all about juliet? I want more deacon and rayna!


Nice. Nashville is one of the few must see TV shows for me. I love it, especially Connie Britton (Rayna) and Charles Esten (Deacon). Hayden's character is growing on me. I love how complex they've written all the characters. So, count me as a fan who'd love to have the show renewed (and maybe ditch Teddy but show more of the lovely daughters).

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