Beauty and the Beast Preview & Clip: Tess vs. Cat!

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Our TV Fanatic review made it as clear as can be: Beauty and the Beast just keeps getting better and better.

How will this ever-improving CW drama follow up on "Insatiable?" By pitting partner against partner in the aptly-titled "Partners in Crime."

Look for Tess to confront Cat next Thursday, and for the former to admit things to her friend in order to salvage their relationship. Watch the official network teaser now:

In the following sneak peek, meanwhile, Gabe will grow suspicious of everyone in the department, specifically the aforementioned duo.

And he won't be satisfied until he gets some answers, as you can see here:

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Yeah, I hope all the beasties show up in full force for this eppie! We need to keep the numbers high and climbing so we can be guaranteed a second season. Hopefully a strong finish will force the CW to renew this wonderful show. Honestly, if they cancel they will lose this viewer 'cause I don't watch anything else on their network.


I hope the ratings are getting better and better each week as well! I wait hate for this show to get cut at one season already!!! :(


can't wait to see the next epoisde .please ,it worth the second season


! Epic promos.. its gonna be a great episode !


Yes, Love Beauty and the Beast! Such an amazing show w/strong leads that have amazing sexy chemistry in Kristin and Jay, enticing writers, and passionate fans!


Can't wait! This show gets better every week!

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