Beauty and the Beast Review: Feel Like Makin' Love

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There is so much to talk about from "Any Means Possible" - and it all started and ended with some of the best kissing I've seen in so long.

For a couple who took 13 episodes to get to their first kiss, they sure didn't take long to get into the swing of things, did they? Whether it was the dream-turned-nightmare that Vincent had (and, oh baby, that was one steamy smooch), the one he planted on Cat at the ball or their love-making at the end, the lip-locking alone had me all aflutter.

Obviously, none of that even accounted for the entrance of Sendhil Ramamurthy as Assistant District Attorney Gabe Lowen (shirtless, no less); a character who after one airing has me completely confused - in an absolutely fabulous way.

How Far Will She Go?

First, let's tackle this new DA. After speaking with Ramamurthy, I was expecting a whole lot of mean coming from Gabe Lowen and I wasn't feeling it. I definitely didn't hate him - not one bit. The role was played very close to the vest with regard to any secrets he might have. Being funny and acting cute was not my immediate expectation, but that's what we got from Gabe. Sendhil teased a history between Gabe and Cat, and whatever that is it was really difficult for him to keep that secret.

He seemed far to smart to have shown up in the women's locker room at the gym, so it appears he's trying to put her at ease. Did he really lose his mother to murder, like he told Cat? The way his hand was shaking as he picked up the coffee after that conversation slammed him for some reason, but whether it was due to his difficulty acting the part of an innocent DA hiding from the cute girl he ran into half naked in the locker room or if a deeper secret will take some time to spill out.

When Gabe stepped in front of Evan to stop his confrontation with the loan shark looking to make an immunity deal for information on the creature that killed his partner and Darius, I thought he was trying to keep Evan from learning too much about the creature.

At the very least I can read his interest is personal and beyond the scope of his position as ADA. But, I never expected him to kill the guy to shut him up. That's a supposition on my part, but who else was with him that could have done it? If Gabe didn't kill him, he probably had someone do it for him.

The intrigue with the addition of ADA Lowen really works. I want to know how he knows Cat, why he chose her for the task force without vetting her and why he questioned Tess so hard about her. What does he know about the creature, and does any of it tie to Muirfield? Is that why he chose Evan to be a part of the task force, as well?

Maybe his mother, or whoever he lost - if he lost anyone at all - worked with Cat's mother at Muirfield on the original experiments. Another theory I have, based on his shaking hand, is that he might be an early version of a beast himself. So much was opened with the addition of just one character. Well played Beauty and the Breast!

Evan met a different side of his new business partner, Muirfield. They came very close to stealing his research and letting him walk away, or outright killing him if he hadn't played along. He still doesn't quite understand who he's dealing with, as you can tell by the way he makes phone calls with demands, expecting them to respect him. That could come back to bit him in the ass.

Evan got out of hot water only because Gabe stepped in. Muirfield now thinks he's capable, and willing, to kill. What else will they expect of him? Evan's so lost at the moment, he took it as a win.

In light of all the heightened stakes and the new task force, Vincent and Cat managed to take their relationship to the next level. If Cat was having dreams similar to Vincents (minus the game of room toss!), then their libidos were on overdrive! Even J.T. was ribbing Vincent about not giving it a go already.

Cat was just spectacular in her ability to stand by her man. Gabe caught on right away that she'd circumvent the law to bring about justice, so it will be interesting to see what he thinks about that when he learns why she's trying to valiantly to it.

Her best efforts didn't keep the task force at bay, but she's right in the middle of it. If all goes well, she'll be one step ahead which should be a help with Vincent, but it could also work against her and in Gabe's favor, if they end up being on different sides. With Cat as adamant as she was in her conversation with him about being on very different sides, my guess is the exact opposite will be true.

Despite their decision to keep their hands off of each other, Vincent made a grand gesture with kiss number two in that fabulous museum, and by the time the task force was formed and Vincent learned he was now being hunted by the woman he loved, there was enough trust between them to fall into each others arms and make dreams come true.

If we thought the kiss in "Tough Love" was something, we had no idea of the true meaning of "worth the wait" until tonight.

Share your thoughts and theories in the comments. Was the addition of the new ADA and the task force a good idea? Will it breathe new life into the ratings challenged freshman series?


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Thanks for your comments. Reading them makes me wish I had SO MUCH MORE TIME to contemplate before writing! You're all so right about how emotional the lovemaking scene was; not just there for titillation or to please viewers. I'm worried about Evan, but hope the new perspective from the DA opens his eyes. I'm as torn on the new DA as I have been about Evan, and can't wait to see what that means over the next 8 eps!! Rock on you guys! Thanks for seeing beyond the love story and genre television to the great writing they're doing. It's so fun to be covering BaTB with y'all!


I don't trust the new ADA. Also thought him walking into the wrong locker room was not an accident! He is hiding something. Don't know who murdered the only living witness either? Loved that Cat & Vincent FINALLY got to show their love for each other. Evan seems more jealous that Cat is always sticking up for the vigilante & he's trusting the wrong people. Can't wait for next week! Rewatch the beginning & the end scenes!!


The storyline/romance is what is selling this show to viewers. It was great to add the new ADA and it will definitely put a twist Cat and Vincent already difficult life together; however, the romance/kissing/love scene is what sold this show to the millions of viewers including me. 2nd season here we come!


This show is a mixture of genres so it is a bit uneven at times. Still I love the show. This is an ambitious first season particularly with how all of the main characters are linked to Vincent as Cat is. Now that the two have done the deed I do wonder where the writers will go from here. So much has happened; Cat, Vincent and J.T.’s backs are against the wall. All the relationships seem poised to fall apart so it will be interesting to see how they pull off a second season. I look forward it.


Also, as someone already mentioned, with Alex she only re-emerged in his life when Cat got injured and she saw him. Before that she had no idea he was still alive.


@ Lissa, I can agree with you that sometimes the show does have plotholes whether minor or not, but that doesn't take away from the overall quality of the show or each episode for that matter. 'Like why would Cat actually think that getting someone to say the beast killed to save someone would do any good?' I think in that circumstance Catherine or both of them really, weren't thinking thoroughly enough about the whole situation. She wanted to help him in any way she could I think she felt that in that situation getting the only living witness to tell the truth would help Vincent or at least let the cops see that he's not all evil.I don't think it was the best plan but I think she felt it was the best option available to them. In terms of the 'women and people finding out about him' issue, in the third or forth episode, JT warned Vincent of the 'last time he was making playlists' and what happened around that time so that was what he was referring to. Also, as someone already mentioned, with Alex she only re-emerged in his life when Cat got injured and she saw him. Before that she had no idea he was still alive.


Also, Alex was before his transformation and he had cut all ties with her until that day she saw him in the hospital when he was visiting Cat.


He has been in hiding for the most part, but you know guys have to have certain needs met and if you go back and watch the first or second episode, you will hear JT make a comment to Vincent about him showing interest in Cat and how he should remember what happened the last time he showed interest in a girl. I think this show is definatly getting better and the love between them looks very real and not just a frenzied infatuation. There have been storylines that have not worked and others that have, but isn't that the case with any show? I think they are slowly putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Let's hope the writers can do this new character justice and use him in a compelling way.


All the kisses were great, but that dream kiss..wowza! I think the new DA is supposed to be supsicious, but if you didn't think so before...the whole hand shacking thing is a big clue


It kind of looks like Evan could be being set up to meet a bad end.... Feel sorry for the guy - but LOVED the ep so much. Simply fantastic! I can't believe how much I live and breathe thus show, and gave since October. It just keeps getting better and better!

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