NBC Shoves Smash to Saturday Night

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The fat lady may not officially be singing, but NBC has made its voice as clear as possible: Smash has been effectively canceled.

The network announced this afternoon that the disappointing drama - which underwent a showrunner and cast reboot prior to Season 2 - will move to Saturday nights at 9, starting on April 6. It will, however, be permitted to finish our its second season run in that time slot.

Smash Graphic

Along with this burial, NBC also unveiled the following schedule changes:

  • Starting on April 14 and running through the end of May, Celebrity Apprentice will expand to two hours.
  • The final two episodes of Go On will air at 9:30 p.m. on Thursday April 4 and Thursday, April 11.
  • The one-hour season finale of The New Normal will air on April 2.
  • Ready for Love will premiere Tuesday, April 9 at 9 p.m., following The Voice.
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Even as I turn almost closer to my 50th birthday... I too enjoyed this show (SMASH)! It was truly great TV entertainment! It showed young Men and women will aspiring goals in life! It showed people working real hard to attain something in life on their own (not by stealing nor hurting thru fights or killings), rather accepting that in life sometimes you win & sometimes you loose! BUT through t all, IT inspires you to push that much harder next time to achieve! This was a show that the whole family could sit together and be entertained, laugh, listen to music, sing along with....AND in the end look around your family room and take in A Family moment TOGETHER... Truly how sad that NBC can not seem to capture that thought! Their was time when guns, outlaws where only seen in movies! But then it was to show heroes at the end of a show! NOW...it's the real world in your own ack yards it seems, and it's played out almost everyday according to NEWS accounts! So WHY not then start showing positive shows, laughter, shows that entertain the whole family together...! Reality shows that are for grown ups...are just that! For grown people....sometimes single people TV. Has NBC forgotten that their are families out here! What a disappointment NBC, what a disappointment...(shaking my head)!!!!


Tuned in Saturday night (4/13) at 9:00 to watch new Smash. NBC changed schedule to 8:00, so I could watch a rerun of the vile Voice. It's no wonder NBC is in 5th place, and clinging to stay there.


I am going to really hate Tuesdays now!! The only shows on Tuesdays that I do watch are Smash and Body of Proof!! I'm so sick of all these reality tv shows. I can't even watch them they're so boring!! If I wanted to come home and watch reality at night I just wouldn't come home!! Tv is supposed to be an escape from reality and they're cancelling all the good shows and leaving us with junk to watch!!!


What a great show!. Too bad they moved it to saturday nights. Of course the replaced Smash for another crapppy reality show on Tuesdays.


Soooo sad to hear Smash is banished to Saturday nights. I am really enjoying this show. Tonight's episode did not disappoint, and it looks like things are picking up steam...at the very least I hope we are ale to get some closure to the story...such a great show with compelling stories...I hope by some miracle it finds its audience...long shot I know...but. Never know :-)


As Derek said in this weeks Fringe "We are both stuck here". Leave it to TV to kill a fun and cool Show!


DAMNNN, Smash is one of the best shows on television and they're gonna cancel it? Why did they move the show to tuesday when it was doing fine on mondays? Of course it was going to be canceled now that it's competing to blockbusters!


I'm so mad. This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I freaking love SMASH!

Sarah silva

I am mad! I really like Smash!


Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb