Once Upon a Time Photo Gallery: Look Who's Back!

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Mary Margaret may wanna take cover this Sunday on Once Upon a Time.

Following her actions on "The Miller's Daughter," this not-so-innocent heroine will be the target of Regina's wrath on "Welcome to Storybrooke," as teased in this Once Upon a Time promo for the episode.

Elsewhere on this special installment, we'll flashback to 1983, when the curse first hit the town - and we'll be reunited with Jamie Dornan as Graham! We'll also meet a mysterious stranger (played by John Pyper-Ferguson), who looks to get into some fisticuffs with our beloved ex-Sheriff.

Click through photos from the unique hour now:

Return of Graham
Graham and Regina
In Granny's
Evil Regina
Once Upon a Time Fight
Not Regina!
An Explosive Scene
Neal, Emma and David
Henry and Regina
Regina and Mary Margaret in the Hospital
David in the Hospital
Pleading with Henry

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I want to know who the kid is, as for Henry would not have been born in 1983.


I am sooo excited for Graham's return. Words can't express. I hope he comes back to life some how. I would love for a Emma and Graham endgame!! How perfect would that be?? The Huntsman with Snow White's daughter....le sigh ;-)


Yay!!! I am excited to see how this plays out. Also Jamie Dornan is quite tiny in real life which makes me wonder how small everyone in this show is lol


Yay! Horray for the Sheriff's/The Hunter's return!


Yeah !!!!! So glad to see Jamie Dornan back !!! I really hope to see him stick around this time.

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