The Lying Game Review: Sleeping With The Enemy

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One huge answer and still so many questions! On "To Lie For," the identity of Theresa's (and possibly Derek's) killer was finally revealed.

Was it who you expected? Find out below...

Remembering a Loved One

There's another Sutton and her name's Emma. | permalink

C'mon Alec, that's the understatement of the century. It's also the most overdue confession...ever! Poor Dan really lost it this week and I don't blame him one bit. To no one's surprise, the autopsy report revealed that Theresa didn't die in the pool and was killed by blunt force trauma to the head. Hmm, same as Derek. There was also the evidence of limestone under her nails, which placed her at the quarry at the time of death.

So a few weeks back after Theresa first disappeared, Alec told Thayer that everything he was doing was to protect him. That comment set off a lot of alarms with viewers. Then there was also Thayer's shady demeanor, controlling attitude over Emma and violent outbursts with people like Ethan. These past few episode he seemed highly suspicious and now we know why. 

Thayer killed Theresa. Okay, now that we have that answer, the question is why? What did Thayer have against Theresa? Did he also kill Derek?

After much discussion with friends and other TV Fanatic staff members, here is the best theory that I have: Thayer may have killed Theresa because she got Alec out of jail and helped to protect him. Thayer despised Alec and helped put him behind bars in the first place.

Jordan admitted to killing his brother, but who is his brother? Was Derek Rogers related to Jordan? Maybe Rebecca was framing Alec for the murder of Derek in order to protect herself and Jordan. She hated what Alec did by messing up the adoption of her daughters. She wanted her family back together and wanted to win Ted back. Derek's blackmailing was getting in the way. Rebecca could still be the one responsible for Derek's death.

In this line of thinking, Derek and Theresa were killed for different reasons. I can't think of anyone aside from Rebecca or Alec who would want to keep the twins a secret so badly that they would kill for it. Ted didn't even know there was a twin until last week. Sutton wanted to keep Emma in the dark because she was afraid everyone would choose Emma over her.

Did you believe Sutton's sincerity in helping Dan and Ethan this week? Has she joined the good side? 

In order to get all of these answers we need ABC Family to give the green light for the back 10 episodes of The Lying Game. So everyone go out and tweet ABC Family, post on Facebook, write into the show and get yourselves heard. But before you do that, don't forget to hit the comments with your theories and thoughts! 


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Please bring the show back everyone in the uk is talking about it. Don't leave your views like this


Please bring back this show.It can't end now.This is the best thing on tv and needs to conclude properly.The twins aren't even out as twins yet.There's more to give us,please bring it back


Please please please bring back the lying game!! It can't leave us hanging like that especially if Thayer is the killer!! Anyone know if it's coming back to tv or Internet?? It's one of the best shows I've ever seen!


Mindblowing episode. Can't wait for the next season.

@ Neejan

There is no next season so far...they canceled it. Bring The Lying a back!!


bring it back its the best!!!!!!!!!!!


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Different theories! What if the killer is that cop guy? Maybe he knows something. He stopped Ethan and Sutton after the fight with Derek. Why was he just patrolling around that (basically deserted area)? Secondly, why he was the first one to find out where Theresa's place of death was? So...? Answer that. BUT also, what if its Kristen? Shes such the "innocent" one. No one in this show is "innocent" Everyone talks about how sweet and caring she is but what if shes just a lying little b*tch?


I think Thayer killed both. At the end of the episode when he smashes the picture of (I believe) Emma, I had a feeling he was the killer. So firstly, he maybe killed Derek to frame Ethan because he wanted Emma all along. So...? Who knows then also, we know he killed Theresa so... think that all adds up. I think he has an obsession with Emma...
Also, the thing about Derek and Jordan being brothers...hmmm. Interesting.


I think Kristin knows


i love the lying game and i need 2 watch more

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The Lying Game Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

There's another Sutton and her name's Emma.


It was you people, with all your secrets and lies. Someone here did this, I'm gonna find out who.