The Lying Game Review: The Lying Gang

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Last week's concluding scene on The Lying Game left us with a lot of questions for Ted Mercer. Mainly: why was Ted visiting Derek Rogers grave

In "The Grave Truth," we got more answers than we could've bargained for. Then again, after the ending scene, my head is spinning with a whole new set of questions! Let's break it all down.

Desperate Measures Are Used

Emma (posing as Sutton) confronted Ted at Derek's grave. She wouldn't give him his hospital badge back without getting some answers first. I have to say she really has some balls considering Ted was one of the main suspects of The Lying Game Season 2.

Alec had a great point when he stopped Dan from choking Ted out at the police station: Ted may make a lot of mistakes, but look at the guy, he's not the killer. Ted was practically crapping his pants!

With Ted's confession that he is Sutton's birth father and Rebecca is her mother, he swore those were all the secrets. Like Emma, I genuinely believed him and believed that he didn't kill Derek or know about the twins. Now that Sutton revealed her twin to Ted, which was a great moment, it was time to rally and get everyone on the same page. 

The friends were all on the same page and Laurel got the twins on board together early on. Well, the friends were almost all on the same page; Thayer was conveniently left out, something that has become more common in the past few weeks. Why do you think this is? Do you think everyone else is getting the same shady vibe that we the viewers are? What about that comment last week that everything Alec has done, he's done for Thayer? Also didn't that figure who stole from Rebecca's house have the same body as Thayer?

I know that all signs point to Rebecca, but it would just be too easy if Rebecca we're the killer. Too convenient. There's also the question of whether the same person killed both Derek and Theresa. That's right, Theresa is no longer with us. This was highly suspected, but now confirmed since we saw her lifeless body floating in the country club pool. Her body and her cell phone were both planted in a public place. 

Where do we go from here? All the reveals this week made me even more excited for next week's The Lying Game spring finale! My favorite quote of the episode definitely went to Sutton when referring to Alec:

No offense guys, but at some point you're going to have to stop being surprised by things that man did in the mid-90s. | permalink

So true Sutton, so true. I wonder if Alec's love Kristen will be able to forgive him when she finds out about the twins? What did everyone else think of all the reveals? Excited for the spring finale?


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Best episode this season. Ted's face on the photo is just hilarious!


I think who ever stole the case was one of them beeing in the cabin when jordan told them about it. somehow i suspect laurel


Aw, I'm really sad that Theresa died. Her and Dan were the best adults. I feel like everyone in the world knows the story about the twins now. Ted, Jordan, Mads, Alec, Laurel, Rebecca, Dan, Thayer, Ethan, Emma, Sutton etc. I think the only person left is Kristen. RIP Theresa.


Questions were answered but still more remain. That was a sweet moment for Sutton when she told Ted to say it again that he was her father. Also how sutton was like there is another reason I brought you out here. Emma getting out of the car and saying I'm Emma. He looked shocked but happy when he hugged both girls. Lately Thayer has been giving off the creepy vibe to me. It did kind of looked like him that ran past Mads trying to escape. Even since Christan Alexander was on general hospital he still gives off that untrustful vibe/ something is off. I wonder if it was really Theresa calling Sutton or it was her killer calling Sutton. I'm guessing it was her killer Theresa would call Dan or Alec maybe Ethan she did not have any interaction with sutton expect that one phone call.


This episode was literally the best in the series. Hope it gets renewed.

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The Lying Game Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Laurel: I mean, we suspected it.
Emma: I know but he confirmed it, Laurel. We're sisters. We're related by blood.

Alec, he's the one that arranged your whole adoption, under the table of course. And I know that was wrong but how can I regret that? It gave me you.

Ted [to Emma]