Hart of Dixie Review: Zoe vs. The Keg Stand

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"Why Don't We Get Drunk" was an appropriately named episode, considering it was spring break in Bluebell on Hart of Dixie. It goes without being said but I'll say it anyway: it sure as heck looked like fun! I'd like to get drunk in this zany town.

Aside from a surplus amount of alcohol, the infamous Ruby Jefferies returned, stirring up feelings in Lavon and in Annabeth. Brick also had some serious medical issues going on, while Lemon and Wade were bonding.

Zoe & Jonah

The big, sort of dark, twist of tonight was that Brick may have been having some health issues - and I didn't hate it. This is the kind of direction that I like to see because it brings unlikely characters together and makes them forget their differences. I have this feeling that Brick is lying about the results of his tests... or maybe I am hoping he is.

Thank you, Lemon, for growing back up and giving AB permission to be with Lavon! THANK YOU, JESUS! This was my favorite scene in the episode. Go fight for your man. She has truly grown the most.

Bye bye, beautiful Jonah Breeland, I'll miss that intoxicating smile of yours. But HELLO to AB and Lavon, newest couple in Bluebell. I can't say I hate this new pairing but I know I don't like it right now.

Ruby came back, but sadly, not for long. Somehow, Lavon's deep love for her didn't matter after a short rendezvous with AB. Annabeth sure knows how to make an impression on a guy! You go, girl!

Sigh. Here we go again with George and Zoe. That's all I gotta say about that.

The one thing that is bothering me the most about this episode was the possible hint of a Wade/Lemon relationship. I've seen various Hart of Dixie spoilers that point to this happening and it seems that it may be coming true. This is definitely a pairing I never saw and I really don't want to see either.

Let's all hope Hart of Dixie isn't jumping the shark.

On a completely unrelated Hart of Dixie note, I love Jaime King's nails. While I'm on the topic of fangirl approved things, Zoe's hair in this episode was so glamorous and fabulous. I loved it!


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2/2 My biggest complaint with the show is its uneven storytelling and characterization whiplash. Don't let the door hit you on the way out of town, Ruby!


I feel like there's two different shows airing in the same time slot. First, there's the shallow, tough-to-believe, even-tougher-to-swallow storylines that Zoe is put through. Ruining an actual, interesting romance that could have resulted in character growth and development in exchange for...a revolving door of love interests in between forced, chemistry-less George/Zoe moments! Not to mention completely unprofessional and childish behavior! And eyerollingly bad acting from Rachel Bilson. And then there's legitimately interesting and realistic emotion-driven things going on with Lemon and Wade, and to a lesser extent Brick, Annabeth and even Lavon, both as individual characters and in different groupings (Lavon's and Brick's romances, L/W's and L/A's friendships). Sad that this quality of writing and focus on character can't be also applied to the supposed star of the show, or the "Leading Man" they apparently want us to root for her to be with. As always, my biggest complaint with this show is its uneven storytelling. Don't let the door hit you on the way out of town, Ruby!


I think Wade is someone Zoe needed to get herself on the dating scene again. No future for them after the sexual tension was gone. Nothing in common will kill the relationship and Wade will always cheat. That's real life. And why was it not cheating with that girl during Christmas? just because he said he had enough? They never officially on a break, and he moved on so quickly. I think Zoe deserve so much better. I actually liked his brother Jesse, he has more substance. Wade should meet a female version of him who would cheat on him with other guys, now that would be funny. Zoe should meet a guy with whom she has a lot in common with, maybe a handsome surgeon or a writer, or a psychiatrist who gets her. They get each other but the timing is never right. Maybe friend with benefits in between relationship. They are always there for each other sometimes at the expense of their significant others, but never a couple until the end. I think it would be sweet if they have a few what if moments but then other things would happen. Maybe at the end of season 7..lol ..dreaming here..they finally realized that they were meant to be together from the beginning.


Surprisingly I am actually looking forward to seeing lemon and wade get together. I stopped watching glee because the pairings get so annoyingly random. And you'd think that Lemon and Wade would be a prime example of that. I mean, I did NOT see that coming. But it makes sense; them both being people who are insecure about somehow similar things and who are looking for similar things. Also that pairing is just oozing with potential character development. Speaking of which, Zoe and George CANNOT get together. No, just no. I REALLY do not want to see Zoe date herself. If it can't be wade AT LEAST don't make it George. Jonah/s(sp? Lol.), maybe? (And I have a feeling that that WILL happen, eventually).


Maybe wade and lemon just grow their friendship. I love the george/tansy couple, tansy makes george a better man. George/Zoey seems too boring.


I agree with the comments about Wade should be fighting for Zoe. HE should have been the one jealous of Jonah NOT George. The comment about there being some real dogs out there during spring break did not even sound like something he would say. To me his character has been off/different since the "Where I lead me episode". It is almost like a different actor is playing him. Maybe it is just me, but I miss Wade.


Correction: The writers must have *NEVER* been in love and had their heart broken because Wade and Zoe are back to being acquaintances who run into each other every morning in Lavon's kitchen. Also, please can we stop with trying to get George and Zoe together? They make great friends but they don't share any chemistry. I have also grown to like Tansy. I'm afraid that in order to break up George and Tansy, the writers are going to destroy her character by making her into a crazy, flawed woman who will act out of character (like they did to Wade by having him cheat) so they have another excuse to break up a perfectly fine couple so that they can get their George and Zoe romance next season. They are just going to end up angering more fans.


Parts of this episode were funny. I liked the contest for the boat and Lemon and Wade working together to get that crazy woman out of the race. I liked that Wade wanted to win fair and square and took his hands off the boat so that he and Lemon could split the prize. It showed that despite Wade's flaws, he's fundamentally a good guy who doesn't play dirty. What I didn't like was that Wade and Zoe act like they never had a relationship. Wade isn't even going to fight for her and Zoe can still talk to him and joke around as if he didn't rip out her heart. I makes me doubt if these two were ever really in love. The writers must have been in love and had their heart broken because Wade and Zoe are back to being acquaintances who run into each other every morning in Lavon's kitchen.


George at the moment is with Tansy and in order for George to be with Zoe he has to dump Tansy. In S1 it was Lemon and S2 Tansy and George fans are calling Wade a cheater..Seriously..Why is that George is this good guy..I don't think he is..I don't have any faith in the writers anymore .. HOD is becoming a soap opera..Losing interest fast..What made the show was the dynamic between Zoe and Wade..When the writers decided to throw the cheating storyline in after Wade for a season and half fought so hard to get Zoe is pure lazy writing..Why do we have to keep visiting this George and Zoe story..enough already!!!


Such a disappointing episode!! I don't want to see Lemon/Wade have a romance at all! I also don't even want to see these two work together, I just see nothing coming from this. Wade belongs with Zoe! I also hated that after all that happened between Zoe/Wade they both acted just fine. I'm going to have to force myself to watch next week's episode, that's all I have to say. I hate that George and Zoe were getting much closer this episode ,while he's still in a relationship with Tansy! This used to be my favorite show, now I feel it's going down the drain! :(

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