Rookie Blue Season 4 Trailer: Everybody Needs Backup

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Rookie Blue returns to both ABC and Global on May 23, though the summer series with which many fans have fallen in love will look very different next month.

Andy is back from her undercover mission. Sam is now a detective. And he has a new girlfriend. Eek!

Elsewhere, Dov's one-night stand will cause problems for him at work, while Chris has a major decision to make and Traci is discovering how to live without Jerry.

Watch the first official Rookie Blue Season 4 trailer now and prepare for a series of changes at work and at home for members of this precinct:

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McSwarek all the way. If they are not together at mid-season,they lost a viewer.


Does anyone know the two songs at the start and end of the promo?


I love the conversation in the car between Andy and Sam at the end of the preview where she say Sam broke her heart and then he say she did the same. The preview looks great I don’t mind Sam and Andy being apart for a bit, but not to long since they have the best chemistry! I need them together and I don’t mind watching them flirting there way back into each other arms. I do love Andy and Luke together but that would mean she would break up Gail and Luke and Andy is not that type of girl. Plus he seams to be the only man who can handle Gail. What happened to Callahan, I really liked him I don’t see him in the preview? Has he left the show?


What did Sam say to Andy, at the end of the trailer, after Andy tells Sam that he broke her heart? I couldn't make that out. Thanks!


I dont know why audience want more of sam and andy... Alot of cast are there,e.g nash,gail, chris,dov,nick etc. Has for tired of andy and sam part!


Sam and Andy all the way. If they are not together at mid-season, I think a lot of viewers will ditch Rookie Blue. Sam and Andy make viewers tune in to the show.


In many forums they blame Andy have left again to Sam (7 x 1, 3 x 1 and 3 x 13). But we forget how broke Sam leaving the explanations in the parking lot and not responding phone x 6 weeks? And suddenly in 6 months 'love' really? It does so in real life.Now comes season 4, Andy and Sam's boyfriend with Marlo. I like I want more Sam and Andy, imagine a scene in which being the 3 together in a situation of risk, Andy saves shot Sam receive her while Marlo cows. There Sam "discovers" again her love for Andy and breaks the explosion on the screen with a super great and romantic scene between the two. (It is what I would like to).


Isn't there Andy and Sam this season? How boring! Equal that NCIS that no more TIVA. After so many seasons of expect this explosion on screen. NOT THE SEE MORE! Chau Rookie Blue.


I can't believe that Sam and Andy are not together this season. I hope that they do not try to match Andy with Nick! She was with Lucas and his love is Sam. Nick should be with Gail, with whom he almost married in Las Vegas. Please we want more San and Andy!


I know that nobody cares about my opinion and less to the writers but it's unacceptable to think of another couple to Andy that is not Sam. This hot chemistry and passion made noise on the screen. I hope to be together again. Rationale x which I see the series. Sam and Andy! Please!

Rookie Blue Quotes

There is absolutely no training that prepares you for life on the street.

Staff Sgt. Boyko

First rookie out of their cuffs drinks for free. Everyone else pays.

Oliver Shaw