The Walking Dead Season 3 Report Card: B+

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The prison and Woodbury finally faced off (sort of), more characters died and a new hope began for Rick and company.

Now that we've all had time to mull over The Walking Dead Season 3, let's break it down in our TV Fanatic report card....

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Best Episode: "Sick." It may have been at the start of the season, but nothing was really able to top this episode for me with the tension, surprises, and enthralling excitement. I did enjoy "Clear" for the later episodes, but it didn't have the effect this one had. Really the first half of the season was for the most part strong: that dark gritty tone was set, new characters established, working in the surroundings, and sucking us in on the new journey faced.

Worst Episode: "Prey." This was by far the most disappointing of the season, (Although, I'm sure some might think the finale), but this episode was so focused on a character I'd grown to dislike for her poor decisions. Everything felt silly from the dialogue to the actions taken, including an attempt to make the chase scary. Except, it makes it harder to be invested when not only everything feels ridiculous, but the character in jeopardy hasn't really made you care or nervously worry she might get killed off.

Best Character: This was tough because Carl really came into his own and Daryl's a continual badass, but I have to give it to Merle. He's smarmy, a wise-ass, and the character you love to hate. Yet, I was actually upset that Merle was killed this season. He went out valiantly, sending Michonne home, drinking one last drink, and fighting to the death in trying to kill the Governor. A tragic end for a character and one who truly never failed to entertain, even if the characters around him weren't so keen on him.

Worst Character: Andrea hands down. She was written into the ground making her have the worst judgment, actions, and demeanor. At the same time, trying to give her a redemptive death as if to make up for everything that she did just didn't hit home I think the way the writers wanted it to. It became even more difficult to care with her know-it-all attitude and she became more frustrating to watch every time she came on screen. Maybe if her arc hadn't been dragged out towards the bitter end, but I can't say I'm going to miss her character now that it's over. At least she died sticking to her ideals, as ridiculous as they were in the zombie apocalypse.

Best Death: If it were a walker death, my mind keeps running back to one whose head was squished under the car trunk by Daryl. And while I think Lori's was as shocking as it was tragic, waiting for Milton to turn was intense. He tried to face the governor and failed (and he wanted him to succeed), but lying in the corner across from Andrea with ragged breaths that made you think "is he still alive?" was rather nail biting. Poor Milton. Wish you'd been able to make it to the prison.

Best Daryl Dixon Moment: This character exemplifies cool in the face of danger. With a signature crossbow, poncho, and a witty retort for everything, Daryl never fails to please. Yet, seeing him come across his zombiefied brother was a fantastic scene that opened his emotions and heart, his anger and sadness, in a brilliant breakdown. You felt for the guy as he was forced to kill his brother, when all he'd been trying to do this season was bring his brother into the group. I hope Daryl is around for a long time to come because he delivers like a champ.

Hopes for Season 4: With the Governor surviving, if he comes back (and he will), it better be in full force with no more fooling around. No more cat and mouse for the entire season. I think the show, which became more about the destination than the journey towards the back half of the season, needs to regroup and try something new and not make it another fighting the Governor type of season. Get back into the characters, the psychological aspects, dealing with living in the prison, and the inner turmoil emotionally and physically with trying to survive. Plus, it'd be nice to see some new characters that get more than a few lines before being killed.

It'll be interesting to see the direction with a new show runner in Scott M. Gimple, but I'd love to bring back the tension, the danger, and scariness of the walkers. It doesn't have to be all the time as I love the human danger, but they can't always just be a nuisance.

Either way, I'm all geared up and ready for whatever season four has in store. The Walking Dead is just way too addictive.

Overall Grade: This was a toss up between A- and B+ because I felt this was the strongest season so far, but especially with how the back half of the season played out, I have to give it a B+.

Your turn, TV Fanatics! What grade would you give The Walking Dead Season 3?

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My grade for the season would have easily been an "A", had it not been for that totally lame season "finale". It was so weak, I actually thought the writers were playing an April Fools prank on the fans, and that the real finale had yet to air. I suppose the good news is that we can probably look forward to one hell of a season 4 opener. Some of the very best episodes in the shows run so far aired during this season. "This Sorrowful Life", "Clear", the season opener, and my personal favorite, "Killer Within", which watching felt like getting sucker punched....three different times! Looking forward to the upcoming season, even though it's going to be a looooooooooooooong, agonizing wait! BTW....has anyone caught an actual release date yet for Season 3 on Bluray?


I will have to wholeheartedly agree with you Arsenio! Andrea was one of the most organic characters they had on the show. People are so enthralled in the whimsical nature of the show, they forget it's a drama. Andrea's decision, while ambiguous, were always believable and human. Many of the other characters have this comic book heroism that becomes almost laughable because they make you think, "no one DOES that!". I enjoyed "Prey" and in my opinion, it was one of the tensest, most enthralling episodes of the entire show. I'm finding myself very indifferent to the show now that Andrea has been written off. Rick and his convoluted slip into moral conflict, Daryl and his larger than life Godliness, Michonne and her cartoonish mannerisms...The only other characters who have some hope of keeping me FAINTLY interested in this show are Carol and/or Herschel and they hardly get any lines as is...


This is wrong on so many levels. PREY was one of the best episodes, and its clear youre nothing more than a Daryl Dixon fan boy. Andrea's motives were always good, its just too bad the fans are too busy riding Daryls dick to notice. "SICK" as the best episode? Seriously? Just GTFO immediately. Andrea was the most developed character of the whole series and its sad that instead of propelling her to be the leader she was meant to be, she was killed because people hate strong women who think for themseleves.


A++ for the first half of the season, but a C for the second half.


I have to say B.


My favorite season was actually season 1. It hook me on to a show about zombies. I am a person who do not watch Zombies movies, never in my life and I did not want to watch The Walking Dead. Its was after season 1 had finished and many reviews were saying how good it is. The fact that it was only 6-7 episode make me watch it because it is short and I can get out fast but I was so hook that I watched the entire first season in 2 days. I have been a fan ever since. Perhaps they lost the pace of the story when the 2nd and 3rd season became longer and had more episodes. Season 3 started off with a bang and I thought it would be the best season but it did not. I was hoping the Governor story would end and they would be new adventures for season 4. I too hoping that season 4 would not be just about fighting the Governor again. I hope this new show runner will do better !

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