TV Ratings Report: An Original Failure?

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Will The CW order The Originals to series?

It seemed like a no-brainer heading into last night's backdoor pilot - and then really like a no-brainer based on the mostly positive reviews for "The Originals" - but the numbers now say otherwise.

Calm Down, Klaus!

The special episode delivered just 2.2 million viewers and a .9 rating among 18-49-year olds, down 10 percent from last Thursday's installment and a whopping 31 percent from the The Vampire Diaries Season 4 average.

It's too early to tell what this really means for the future of Klaus in New Orleans, but it's clear at the moment that viewers were not excited about a Salvatore-free hour of TVD heading into the episode at least.


  • Hannibal sank to a series low 2.4 million viewers.
  • American Idol and Glee fell sharply, with Idol hitting a series low among young adults.
  • Scandal went the opposite way, hitting a series high in that demographic and even out-rating Grey's Anatomy where it counts.

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David and sabrina 2014

Seems like a lot of people were freaked out and amazed from the spinoff of the originals but who knows if we'll see the show run normal again without having to deal with enemies or problems. ;P =|


The whole Hayley thing sucks! Why are they set on imposing a character 99,9% people hate? (...) Really? they pulled a Twilight on us? A show that was supposed to be more mature than TVD? Seriously?
They got rid of Kol (an Original) but kept the useless bimbo. I just don't get it...
Thumps up! Totally agree. But apart from everything Hayley I liked the episode very much and I'm quite surprised the raitings were poor.
The episode had everything I was missing in TVD lately - and nothing of those parts which bother me.


Ratings sucked, 90% of reactions I saw were negative. And then the CW called it a great success and picked it up.
This is going the way of Cult. I was curious about the pilot, because I like Klaus, but that was the worst possible way to ruin the character and kill any appeal he used to have. Never mind the threat of Silas, let's move to New Orleans, because I like the music. Oops, and I just knocked up someone. And I've turned into a total pussy, that's why I'll let these locals disrespect and bully me. What a great beginning!


@lilyb no they said VAMPIRES cant have kids. They didnt say werewolves couldnt.


Terrible ? This has been the average for the vampire diaries this season. This is the CW, I would not say these ratings are terrible. Plus there's multiple reasons why not many people tuned in, and not just because they weren't interested. Hopefully ratings for both shows increases. I, for one, will be tuning into both in the fall because both are great.


As I recalled it was said in an earlier season the undead can't have kids, sure Klaus is only half vampire but he is still undead right? so how can he have kids if he is undead? I am kind of confused by this part here. but other than that I'll watch it.


I'm loving TVD's downward spiral in the ratings and can't wait to see The Originals spin-off flop. It had horrible ratings and still the CW orders it to series. Shows how desperate they are.


They assumed people love these (orginals) characters when the truth is we LOVE our TVD characters. The originals did not make TVD great The SALVATORE brothers (& Tyler & Jeremy) made TVD great!


Hayley is great! I think most fans love her and are loving this storyline. I can't wait to see what happens! p.s. I think everyone hating on Hayley may be Klaus/Caroline fans, because I don't see any other reason to dislike her.


Just saw on fb from the cw that the OGS just got a season pick up. I think most of us who didn't watch just assumed the show would naturally get picked up or at least that's what I thought and I knew I could just catch up later. I am intrigued though and wouldn't mind a Thursday full of the vampire diaires world.

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