TV Ratings Report: An Original Failure?

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Will The CW order The Originals to series?

It seemed like a no-brainer heading into last night's backdoor pilot - and then really like a no-brainer based on the mostly positive reviews for "The Originals" - but the numbers now say otherwise.

Calm Down, Klaus!

The special episode delivered just 2.2 million viewers and a .9 rating among 18-49-year olds, down 10 percent from last Thursday's installment and a whopping 31 percent from the The Vampire Diaries Season 4 average.

It's too early to tell what this really means for the future of Klaus in New Orleans, but it's clear at the moment that viewers were not excited about a Salvatore-free hour of TVD heading into the episode at least.


  • Hannibal sank to a series low 2.4 million viewers.
  • American Idol and Glee fell sharply, with Idol hitting a series low among young adults.
  • Scandal went the opposite way, hitting a series high in that demographic and even out-rating Grey's Anatomy where it counts.

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It is called The Vampire Diaries for a reason! Where was Damon, Stefan, Elena, or Caroline???? If I wanted to watch the Originals I will-don't stick it in the middle of my show! Let me see one minute of Damon & Stefan to start the show and a big one minute to end the show????


The whole Hayley thing sucks! Why are they set on imposing a character 99,9% people hate? She totally ruined the whole idea of "the Originals" for me. And don't get me started on the baby thing... Really? they pulled a Twilight on us? A show that was supposed to be more mature than TVD? Seriously?
They got rid of Kol (an Original) but kept the useless bimbo. I just don't get it...
Even if this disaster of a spin off is picked up, I won't watch it. The characters introduced are not interesting and the character's development is just total insanity.


If Caroline was to go with Klaus people would watch it. They gave us a couple of second Klaroline moment to try and get us on board with the idea. Pregnancy was pointless other than the fact Klaus now knows he can pro create and expand his family. I honestly can't see it getting more than one season if it does get picked up. I'd prefer him to stay and bring Marcel to Mystic Falls and try and charm Caroline and try kill Bonnie lol


Klaus is a hybrid meaning he is a werewolf not just a fully Vampire too. so remember wolves can have babies not Vampires so you should realize that. But the episode was awesome Klaus is one my favorites characters can't wait for the series to come


It would have been better with Caroline, though what wouldn't be in tvland? But I enjoyed it. I bet that cw will pick it up considering they potentially have a few slots to fill and not much else of interest in development.


I loved it and can't wait for more. Lots of surprises and 1 shocker by Elijah.


@JJA; Vampires cant get preggers, and Klaus is only vampire by magic, whilst Caroline is by bite, ergo its quite simple.


The Vampire Diaries, in general, is in big trouble. Whether this goes to series or not is irrelevant. Bottom line: 1. Caroline (NOT Haley) should have gotten pregnant with Klaus' baby. 2. It wasn't worth killing off Jeramy for just one great performance by Nina Dobrev.


YES!!! I agree... I watched last night because we didn't see much of the Elena/Damon/Stefan thing... but was a bit put off by the actress who plays Hailey... get rid of her and it's all good. She was annoying in "The Circle" too.

Spindae 2o

It's the standard VD dip towards the end of the season. I didn't expect huge ratings, I believe this good critics the ep got could boost next weeks ep. so let's wait. And I believe they already decided which shows will get picked up. The Up Front is in 2-3 weeks not to much time.
I would give the show a 13 ep call and if it's good give it a full season.

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