Bates Motel Interviews, Scoop: More Family Members on the Way?

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It's been one wild ride thus far on season one of A&E's Bates Motel, but it seems the next two episodes are going to throw us all for more than a few surprise loops.

The successful freshman series, already renewed by the network, was featured at a screening and Q&A that was moderated by Shawn Ryan (creator of The Shield and Terriers), who told me during the red carpet that he's a big fan of the series.

In the following exclusive interview, cast members Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Nestor Carbonell, Max Thieriot and Nicola Peltz - as well as Executive Producers Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin - stopped to chat with me about what to expect in the concluding hours, while also offering about how we may meet more Bates family members in the second season...

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I am so surprised by how much I have enjoyed this suspenseful, scary, creepy, and sexy show! Not since The Sopranos has there been a show that makes me empathize with very bad people, if that makes sense. People who have watched up to the season finale know what I mean. prior to the last episode I actually thought Norman was an odd, complicated, yet nice young man with a psychiatric disorder. He crossed the line though. What a great episode. I can't wait until Season 2.


I just love " Bates Motel" .I found it to be the most suspenseful show on TV this season. I am delighted that the show has been renewed. How can I wait until next season ? Nothing else worth watching .Bravo !!!!!


Hearing that the Bates family may expand in season two makes me so excited, and all of these interviews make me anxious for the finale! I’m so glad that I won’t miss any shocking events in the last episode, with my DISH Hopper. With my busy work shift at DISH, I am always recording seasons of shows I watch so I don’t fall behind. With all of the different shows I record, I am really grateful I have 2,000 hours of storage space.

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