Dancing With the Stars Finale: The Winner Is ...

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ABC's Dancing With the Stars has officially crowned another champion.

After emerging as favorites early on and refusing to yield the frontrunner's mantle all season, Kellie Pickler and Zendaya matched each other step for step in Monday's final performances.

It came as no surprise that they finished 1-2. But in what order?

While fellow finalists Jacoby Jones and Aly Raisman battled gamely, they finished third and fourth, respectively, leaving Zendaya and Kellie to vie for the coveted Mirror Ball trophy.

Only one point separated them, leaving this one up to the voters.

Tuesday's instant dance did not change the totals, as both received perfect scores. So when the finally vote tally was counted, your Dancing With the Stars winner was ...

Dancing With the Stars Finale Photo

Kellie Pickler! The former American Idol star edged out the Disney actress.

"This is amazing!" Kellie said, thrilled and shrieking, hardly able to speak.

What do you think? Did the right person win Dancing With the Stars?

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definitely!!!! that freestyle was amazing. kellie and zen were both great that's why it was decided in the freestyle and that's where derek always excels. the others did most of what we've seen from them all season where as kellie and derek where different, perfect, impresive. Maks and Tony can yell all they want about how wrong this is and about the voting system. imo that's their usual bs, all the polls had derek and kellie as winners after their freestyle and the twitter vote (usually won my zendaya)for the encore proved again how much people were moved by that dance. the "simircovschi" bros just choose to ignore what they don t like. I happy for this win and I'm sure Zendaya has a bright future. She seems like a lovely kid, but maybe stay away from Maks, he is no role model that's for sure.