Nashville Season Finale Spoilers: Who Will Die?

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Romance, drama, music... death?

According to a new E! News report, Nashville will make like ABC counterparts Revenge and Once Upon a Time on its May 22 season finale, killing off TWO characters in an unexpected cliffhanger.

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While the names of these individuals are not revealed, the report confirms that both deaths will stick. Assuming Nashville is renewed, neither character will be seen again.

Sources say a Season 2 pick-up is "looking good," while we'll learn for certain on May 14 when ABC announces its 2013-2014 lineup.

Until then, let your theories fly, Nashville Fanatics: Who might be getting bumped off?!?

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I think Deacon dies in the car accident and obviously we saw Juliettes mom go-
I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!! ITS UP THERE W/GAME OF THRONES FOR ME! Love love love the drama!
Haydens acting is phenominal in this series!!!


"Nashville" is my favorite show this season. If they kill off Deacon, I'll never watch the show again. I thought it was Rayna screaming in the promo, not Juliette. Can't wait for May 22.


I'm going to agree with the person above that it will probably be Dante & Juliette's mom. You definitely hear Juliette screaming nooo at the end of the preview. I think either her mom takes a bullet for her or she shoots Dante & somehow gets killed herself. Or maybe the assistant gets hit? I doubt it's Gunnar. Not after his brother died the same way. It has to fall in place with that con man thing going on in the next episode. I really hope this is renewed. This is my favorite show on tv right now.


Best guess: I'm thinking Jolene kills Dante. Then Jolene dies (maybe Dante's fiancee kills her or chases them on the street and causes them to crash or something)


Its most likely going to be either Dante, Juliette's mom, Will or Gunnar.


Its someone close to Juliette cause in the promo you hear her screaming/crying no.


I think it will be Dante and Juliette's mother as she takes a bullet for her daughter.


Nope. The con man and his con nerd girlfriend. They are in an airplane which will crash.


I hop it's Peggy and Teddy. I don't like the characters, and I don't like their storylines.


Deacon's girlfriend will get run over by an ASPCA emergency vehicle and Peggy will get shot in a holdup at a Victoria's Secret outlet store.

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