Person of Interest Season 2 Report Card: A-

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With HR rebuilding, a mysterious organization revealed, a new female super spy added to the team, and Root still trying to find the Machine, it's a wonder that Reese, Finch, Carter and Fusco find any time to kick back and relax.

And now with the Machine unleashed, it looks like their work is only just beginning.

So how did the sophomore season fare? Read on to find out what we thought of Person of Interest Season 2 in this TV Fanatic Report Card...

Overwhelmed By the Suspects

Best episode: This was hard to pick because there were so many solid episodes this season including the last two, "Zero Day" and "God Mode." Even the controversial yet unique introduction of Sam Shaw was a favorite of mine. But I'm going to pick the hotel centric "Booked Solid." Maybe I just liked seeing Zoe Morgan return, but this episode seemed to have it all including action, humor, and a little flirting between Reese and Zoe. And while the episode was pure entertaining fun, the larger story revealed a major twist: Root was infiltrating the big wigs at Washington.

Worst episode: It's unfortunate, but Kara's return felt far too quick and dropped in "Dead Reckoning." Not only did it seem pointless to have Reese and Snow do her work (she most of the time just did it all anyway), but she felt like a silly villain complete with "bad guy" dialogue. I was hoping to see more from her, especially with regards to Reese, but we never really got into her character besides the fact she was working for a new mysterious group connected to the machine. Now her actions on releasing the virus set up what was a great final outcome, but ultimately, the episode left much to be desired. RIP Kara.

Best character: In a lot of ways, Person of Interest Season 1 was heavily focused on Reese (who continues to show how much of a cool character he is), yet season 2 allowed viewers to really zero in on Finch. I'm going to give him best character because we saw so many facets from his early days of ignoring the "irrelevant numbers," his loving side with Grace, his friendship with Nathan Ingram and Reese, and his determination to do good even when the chips were down. It's great to see his character grow and there is clearly so much more to learn.

Worst character: I'm digging deep for this one because the core cast and a majority of the recurring characters are fantastic, but worst character has to be Detective Raymond Terney. He just came across as too obvious and cliche of a bad guy especially when going after Carter. He wasn't in a ton of scenes so it never felt like an overuse, but there wasn't near as much depth to his character as other ones we've gotten to see for only one episode. Good thing Carter got the best of him.

Best recurring character: While I'm on board with Sam Shaw and curious what they plan to do with her character, and Leon never fails to crack me up with his outrageous situations and humor, I've got to give it to Root. There's something about the way Amy Acker allows Root to be brilliantly genius and homicidal maniac at the same time. Add that to the fact that she finds a certain connection to Finch and a determination to the Machine, she's a compelling character to watch on screen. I wonder what her getting that last phone call on the finale means?

Hopes for Season 3: With another solid season in the books, I hope the show keeps it going and further expands on the characters and the universe this show has created. I got a sense from speaking with EPs Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman that they've got concepts mapped out for further seasons which makes it great to watch a real story unfold. I definitely want to learn some more about Reese, hopefully see Finch reunite with Grace, Bear get in some more action, and another season that combines the larger and smaller stories so succinctly that the humor, drama, and everything in between makes for a continuation of one of TV's top shows.

Overall Grade: A-

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@Priest:As to Hannibal,I am a huge fan of Thomas Harris seris, I have to say Hannibal on NBC is quite solid(by the way,why not renewed yet?),but I have to say, after 9 episodes, I am already a little tired to see Will's unique method on investigation already, same very time, kinda of cliche, the storyline of the show is also developed kinda slow to me.But as to Hannibal, "we mustn't judge so harshly", right? Since the beginning of Pilot episode, I already give up Elementary for it.


@Priest: I am really not sure about the comparison with Hannibal or Game of Thrones. First, I agree with Marty McFly, from what I see, Game of Thrones is really no better than POI, if equally good. HBO is good at certain type of Shows, like "Rome",but that type can't offer the diversity of elements as POI: drama,Sci-Fi,Action,comedy,mystery


@EmptyArcade: I think that"weirdest thing"you mentioned is just the definition of "God Mode". Now the machine is not just a "machine" anymore, it's an AI or as Root put it right from the start"a Life". Then three calls were made: Irrelevant numbers to Reese&Finch, Relevant numbers to Hersh from ISA, a cliffhanger call to Root, maybe just for fun, but to me,Root is never as bad as government, she is just a Fan of machine & Finch, I don't think she ever harm the machine.


@Priest: I watch both show's and am a huge Game of Thrones fan, gotta say P.O.I is right there if not better. It's the best show on network television that's for sure. Favorite Episodes: Zero Day and God Mode were both excellent, but Prisoner's Dilemma was my favourite episode. The interrogation scene's between Reese and Carter and the fakery of John Warren by Finch was fantastic. Reese walking out of prison to the who's "eminence front" was awesome. The cliffhanger at the end with Donnelly was phenomenal. Awesome episode. There really wasn't bad episode this season, although I really wasn't a fan of "proteus" (serial killer episode). Favourite Scene: Finch as a teacher explaining 'Pi' to his class is Dialogue at it's best in that scene. Favourite Quote: "Ohhh... That kinda prisoner's transfer" Elias (God Mode)


It`s a good series with a good cast and range of charactersbut not as good as Hannibal or Game of Thrones. I`ll go with the Root as best recurring character. The worst character was the detective who had a thing with Carter but HR did the decent thing and killed off him off.


I agree with Mr. Finch and Tom. But, considering that Carter changed so much this season, and at the same time, she was totally credible. Care would get my "best character" award. Shaw switched sides too fast and Reese is still Reese...but maybe better. I loved the Stanton character in S1, but she was definitely the worst in S2. The weirdest thing was the speech at the end of God Mode. It was like "the machine hasn't called...meh. I guess we'll just go about our lives and if it calls, great. Oh yeah, sorry John for getting you in this mess." Then, the writers turned around and dropped tons of drama in Root's lap. It was just of those, "we don't know if we're coming back" endings.


I also have to give Amy Acker the title of "Best recurring character",Sarah Shahi is just perfect at being a bad-ass operative, but Amy Acker's Root has some magic power on the screen......Besides, Boris McGiver is really a chilling to the bone assassin, and just like Shaw and Root, Hersh also has a special OST music when he appears, amazing to watch!


Best overall drama on TV at the moment

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