Robbie Amell Previews The Tomorrow People, Taking Over The CW

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The Amells are preparing to take over The CW.

With Arrow remaining at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays in the fall and The Tomorrow People slotted in behind it, cousins Stephen and Robbie will own two consecutive hours every week on the network. Not that most female viewers will be complaining.

We talked to Robbie Amell on the red carpet of The CW Upfront in New York this week and asked for a preview of his new series, which is produced by Julie Plec and Greg Berlanti.

Click Play now for a look at what's to come; check out The Tomorrow People trailer and even enjoy some Arrow Season 2 scoop while you're here!

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I’m pretty pumped for Tomorrow People to get started; they have a talented cast. I work at DISH with friends who are so excited that they plan to have a premiere party. I’ll probably save every episode to my DISH Hopper, too, so I can go back and re-watch the action-packed scenes. I don’t have to be as picky with what I save anymore, since my Hopper’s hard drive can store up to 2,000 hours of entertainment.

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